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Auburn Modeling Board Fashion Show Brings in Money for Local Charity

What does it take to be a part of the Auburn University Modeling Board?

 Tryouts are held at the beginning of every fall semester, and it is very easy to become a part of. All you must do is come in, fill out an application, do a short runway walk and answer some interview questions. No experience is required—all they ask is for you to show confidence and be willing to learn. Nevertheless, showing their beauty isn’t the only thing this organization is about. Every October, they host a fashion show for the East Alabama Medical Center’s Breast Health Foundation.  This foundation is to help men and women who have insufficient insurance to pay for the testing they may need to get done. This past year, the modeling board helped bring in over $700; something that extraordinary should not go unrecognized. I have learned from talking to one of the models, Elizabeth Dumont, that this is not only an organization that helps bring in funds for the less fortunate. During the process, they help build up women and help to show confidence in areas they may struggle. I can’t wait to see what else these young women have to bring to Auburn University. 

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