9 Last Minute Pop Culture Halloween Costumes

I have this terrible condition that apparently is very prominent among college students: procrastination. It manifests itself in several different ways, and one of them is putting off my Halloween costume every year. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Halloween and dressing up, but for some reason, I never seem to have the time to put a costume together. So, I’ve comprised a list of last minute costumes. To qualify for this list, the costumes must be able to be purchased at a nearby store and thrown together in one day.

  1. The Auburn “Date Deer”: If you’re looking to find love on Halloween, this might be the costume for you. All it will take is some construction paper for the ears, some face paint to get the filter’s effect, and a cute outfit. Easy, breezy, beautiful.
  2. Kermit Meme: If you are prepared to judge other people all night, warn those around you with this costume. You’ll need a green shirt, felt to make his collar, and a cup of tea to sip on as you pretend to stay out of people’s business.
  3. Lizzie McGuire: If you’re feeling that good ol’ early 2000s nostalgia (but really, who isn’t?), show it with a tribute to one of the greatest television characters in Disney’s history. Take a pair of jeans, pink shirt, and that jean jacket that you probably have lying in your closet. A throwback middle school hair-do will really tie this costume together.
  4. Auburn Tiger: What better way to show your Auburn spirit than dressing up as a tiger? Grab some orange body paint to paint your arms, top them off with some black stripes, and don your Auburn jersey. Don’t forget your ears and whiskers!
  5. Risky Business: This is for the girl feeling a bit… risky. Pay homage to the heartthrob Tom Cruise by simply wearing a large button up t-shirt, sunglasses, and some white dad socks.
  6. Sugar Skull: I’ve wanted to put together a costume for this ever since the sugar skull contour craze hit. Pair this simple face paint tutorial with a festive dress for an easy and bright costume.
  7. Holly Golightly: Little black dress? Check. Tiara and jewels? Check. An expression that’s always slightly aloof? Check. You’ve got all you need to slay this timeless character.
  8. Leslie Knope: Represent the pinnacle of woman power. A blonde wig, pants suit, and a parks and recreation name tag will ensure that you will be the talk of your colleagues.
  9. The Peanuts Gang: Let’s top this list off with one of the easiest DIY squad costumes. Your crew will be looking cute in these simple large t-shirt and legging combos.