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8 O-Days Organizations You Might Actually Want to Join

You did your best to escape O-Days, the flyer apocalypse that doesn’t seem to understand that you are already way too busy. You barely have time to say, “No, thank you, I’m not interested,” without being late to class, let alone join a new group. By the time January rolls around, even a naïve freshman knows to dodge Organization Days. Whether they are being held on the concourse or in the student center, in the morning or afternoon, the student populace avoids O-Days like the plague.

It’s obvious why nobody likes them: who wants to be handed a piece of paper you will stuff in your bag and never read? You might even strategize how to avoid the organizations and still keep your normal route; fake-sudden-phone call is a popular choice. I decided, for once, to actually stop at every single booth and ask them what they were all about. If you successfully turned on your heels and got out of there, or at least pretended to check a very important text, then one of these semi-effortless resume-boosters might be for you.


Operation Smile

This charity is a world-wide organization, but you can do a big part through your university. College Operation Smile programs focus on Marketing and Communications, so think about giving presentations and having something substantial to put on a resume at graduation. Auburn’s chapter is even going to an international conference in Ireland this summer.


Environmental Awareness Organization

This club has a few fun trip opportunities with no responsibilities, not to mention it’s a great way to do your part for mother Earth. Technically I am a member, and I have never been to a meeting. They encourage recycling among other things, and have gone cross-country to picket environmental problems such as fracking (which was a multi-day university-approved absence). They also go on the occasional camping trip. 

Campus Kitchens

Campus Kitchens goes to the dining halls around campus and takes any left-overs to local soup kitchens and charities. Not only is this a great cause, but it’s set up on a volunteer-per-day basis, so you never will be scheduled to help on a day that doesn’t work for you. You can help once a semester, even, if that’s all you have time for.


The Auburn Circle

This literary magazine annually publishes a collection short stories and poetry submitted by Auburn students. It may sound kind of ho-hum, but just one poem gives you the right to say that you are a published writer, which could really boost your resume. Also, they gave out free mugs on O-Days, which I took advantage of.


Pi Delta Phi

This is the new Auburn French society. Even if you only took one French class to fulfil your liberal arts requirement, you can have one more group to be in. What they essentially do is cook French food, eat cheese, and watch movies, which sound like things you might want to do anyway. If you didn’t take French, this is just one example of an important-sounding language club; Auburn has a similarly effortless organization for whatever language you might have taken.


Outdoor Adventure Club

The OAC is a hidden gem at Auburn. This academic year alone, they have had social gatherings on campus, gone as a group to concerts, spent a lake weekend tie-dying, and have taken trips to go caving, skiing, kayaking, snowboarding, white-water rafting, and even snorkeling with manatees. Yes, last semester they went snorkeling with manatees. It’s incredible that you don’t hear more about this group around campus.

Spring Boxing at the Rec Center

This is my personal favorite of all the new things to try this semester. The Recreation and Wellness Center is giving professional boxing classes throughout spring semester. Classes run two hours a week, one hour on Monday evening and one on Wednesday. You’ll learn professional boxing, starting with the basics and progressing into more advanced skills, for only $70 a semester with a Group Fit Pass or $80 without a Group Fit Pass.

Her Campus

Lastly, if you haven’t already joined Her Campus, it’s one of the best organizations on campus. Improvement in your writing skills can help any major, but it’s especially great for Communications and Journalism, English, or Marketing majors. Her Campus Auburn writers have received internship and networking opportunities from some of the best-selling magazines in the country.


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