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October is in full swing. That means it fall is finally here, and it is finally Halloween season! As a kid, I always looked forward to October because that meant Halloween and other fun fall activities. With October comes the many fall festivities like apple picking, corn mazes, Fall Festivals, beautiful Autumn hikes and carving pumpkins. One of the most popular fall activities is carving pumpkins; however, once people get started on their pumpkin, they often get stumped on what to carve into their pumpkin. Don’t fret! Here are 7 ideas on what to do with your pumpkin this October.

1)  The Jack O’ Lantern

Sometimes classic is the best and easiest way to go when carving a pumpkin. Everybody loves a good ole’ Jack O’ Lantern. It is also a simple and easy design to follow if you’re not super artistic. You don’t need a paper to trace or a pattern to follow—just pick up your carving tool and get to work. It’s hard to go wrong with the classic Jack O’ Lantern pumpkin. 

2) The Cute Pumpkin

Another simple way to carve your pumpkin is to just make it cute. Instead of doing the typical Jack O’ Lantern, carve a cat, a ghost, a smiley face or something adorable for a change. Who says that all pumpkins have to be scary and creepy? 

3) Carve a Pattern

If you don’t want to carve a face or an object at all and want to get more artistic, try carving a design or a pattern. Carved patterns and designs in a pumpkin make for beautiful front porch decorations. It is also different from all the other carved pumpkins that everyone else does. It makes your pumpkin stand out and look more artistically creative. 

4) Write a Message

Get creative with pumpkin carving and write a message in your pumpkin. You can etch or carve words into your pumpkin to leave a message for anyone who walks by your house and sees your pumpkin. Writing words and messages such as “Trick or Treat!” or “Happy Halloween!” in your pumpkin is a different and fun twist to pumpkin carving. It may be tricky to carve the letters, but the end product looks awesome. 

5) Stack Your Pumpkins

Why not use multiple pumpkins? Who says you have to only use one pumpkin? Consider stacking multiple pumpkins on top of each other to create a cool set up for your front porch. Get creative and carve multiple cool designs that go well with each other or just put several decorative pumpkins on top of one another. 

6) Etch a Pumpkin

If you’re not interested in getting your hands dirty by scooping out the pumpkin and don’t even want to deal with the pumpkin carving mess, you can simply etch a design or picture into your pumpkin. Not only is it easier, but it’s faster since you don’t have to waste time scooping out the pumpkin, and it looks just as good, if not better. It will also save you a big clean up mess! 

7) Paint a Pumpkin

Painting a pumpkin is another great way to design a pumpkin without getting your hands dirty with pumpkin goo and guts. You don’t even need any sharp carving knives or tools. Instead of carving a pumpkin face, you can paint a face on your pumpkin, or you can paint your pumpkin into a ghost or Frankenstein. There is a lot you can do with paint to turn your pumpkin into a masterpiece, so be creative and have fun!

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