6 Ear Piercings To Get To Spice Up Your Life


Piercings are a great way to show your personality and express yourself. There are so many different ear piercings you can get in different parts of your ear that look amazing! There are even health benefits to getting some piercings. Another plus is that if you end up not liking the piercing, you can just take it out and the hole will close up. I myself have eight at the moment, and definitely plan to get more. I thought I’d put together a list of six super cute piercings to get and decorate those ears with!


1. Helix Piercing


2. Tragus Piercing

3. Daith Piercing (Helps Relieve Migraines!)


4. Rook Piercing

5. Conch Piercing

6. Forward Helix Piercing