5 Surprises We Don't Like

noun; an unexpected or astonishing event, fact, or thing.

I love a good surprise as much as the next collegiette, but there are some surprises we could all do without. Here are 5 things we wished we had a heads up about and some quick solutions to help prevent an unforeseen tragedy!


1. Surpriseee! Your Ex showed up to the party!

  We all have one-- that crazy ex-whatever who still thinks they belong in the friend circle, so they continue to self-invite to the hangout sessions. You walk in. Spot him. Immediately regret all prior life decisions before that moment.

Solution: Before you hang out with this particular group, call ahead and get an estimated guest list for the night. 


2. That homework is due / That exam is today!

 Everyone is coming into class with a scantron or a stack of stapled papers and you're quite confused. Your night was so innocent. But while you were up watching 3 seasons of Bob's Burgers, your professor was up creating an exam/homework assignment to end your academic career!


Solution: Always, ALWAYS, Always check your planner before you watch Netflix! This rule will save your life and your GPA!


3. Mother Nature stopped by with a gift!

   It couldn't come at a more convenient time, right!? When you're in your cutest outfit in the middle of an event, with no restroom in sight!


Solution: In the words of Fabulous, "If you stay ready, you don't have to get ready!". Keep a couple of products in every bag you own, so that way when you change purses, the essential are always there! When going to an unknown place, try to map out the exits and the restrooms as soon as you arrive.


4. You're over-dressed or under-dressed to the party!

When you got the flier that said "Pajama Jam" , you didn't REALLY think there'd be onesies and night gowns. Or you showed up in your flannel and Vans to what is basically the campus Academy Awards. Either way you're screwed for the rest of the night. But hold your head up, pretend you're making a statement!


Solution: Make sure that your makeup is always on fleek! It doesn't matter if you're in heels or Chucks, you're still one of the prettiest faces there!


5. SURPRISE! Your crush has a girlfriend!

   ...and she's hot.


Solution: Honestly, I don't have one. Cry until it doesn't hurt anymore, my friends.