5 Haunted Places in Alabama to Visit this October

October, the month of spooks and scares. And whether you believe in ghosts or not, these spooky places will be sure to lure you in for a Halloween fright.


1. Pope’s Tavern- Florence, AL

Now this is a haunted place that is near and dear to my heart, as it’s in my own hometown. Built sometime in the 1830’s as an inn for travelers, this building was turned into a hospital during the Civil War. It is not known how many soldiers were treated there, but a reported 33 soldiers died in Pope’s Tavern. There have been many reports of apparitions and blood stains seen in the main room, and even more people have reported hearing screams and/or feeling instantly nauseous upon entering the premises. I have personally experienced this overwhelming sense of nausea and only stopped feeling nauseous when I left the premises. Even if you don’t believe in ghosts, this place is a very good historical Civil War museum if you’re a history buff.


2. Sloss Furnaces- Birmingham, AL

Built sometime after the Civil War, Sloss Furnace’s was the mecca of pig iron needed for steel products across the country. In the early 1900s, it is reported that James “Slag” Wormwood, foreman of the graveyard shift, led over 100 workers who lived in the dangerous and cramped quarters on the property in to the factory to do dangerous tasks that would speed up production. During this reign, a total of 47 workers lost their lives and many others lost their ability to work due to horrific accidents. It is reported that the remaining workers became fed up with Slag and fed him in the furnace in October of 1906. Since then, numerous reports from former workers and supervisors have stated that they experienced “unusual feelings” and some even reported seeing a badly burned man roaming around. And many people who have visited there have reported the same uneasy feeling.


3. Sweetwater Mansion- Florence, AL

Another place from my hometown and the site of my cousins wedding, Sweetwater Mansion is said to be one of the most haunted places in Alabama. Built by war veteran General John Brahan and lived in by his son-in-law Robert Patton, Sweetwater Mansion served as another hospital during the civil war and as a county jail after that. There are also rumors that one of the previous residents practiced dark magic in one of the upper rooms. There have been many reports of paranormal activity here, including an account by a former caretaker who reported seeing a casket with a confederate soldier in one of the lower rooms that immediately disappeared. There have also been numerous reports of women being locked inside the upper room when no one was around. This Mansion also includes a secret room that can only be reached by an interior window. One of the spookiest things though, is something that the caretaker personally showed me. She showed me parts of the hardwood floor that were lighter than the other parts, and resembled foot and hand prints. She told me that these marks were from when the place served as a Civil War hospital and were stains created by the soldiers blood. These spots have been re-stained many times, but have never held the stain.


4. Bear Creek Swamp- Prattville, AL

Located in Prattville, AL, this swamp is not only scary looking, but holds some scary truths. Many people have reported seeing phantom cars and orbs of light at night and seeing a four-foot-tall figure looming in front of oncoming cars. This swamp is also said to be haunted by a mother who is looking for her lost child, and if you say "We have your baby" three times, she will reportedly attack you. *It is never a good idea to try and converse with a malicious spirit!*


5. USS Alabama- Mobile, AL

Completed in 1942 as a war ship, the USS Alabama is in its final resting place in Mobile, AL serving as a museum. This vessel served for 3 years and reported no enemy fire, yet there were many deaths upon this vessel. Two reported deaths happened during the building for this ship, and eight additional deaths were attributed to malfunctioning turrets during the vessel's service. People have reported hearing footsteps coming towards them with no one there, and apparitions have even been spotted in the ship. I personally believe that I saw an apparition of a soldier during a visit to the ship in 2011. Others report hearing popping sounds, and many women have reported an uneasy feeling that comes as they pass by the sleeping quarters.