4 Instagram Worthy Activities

Summer '16 is well on its way, and there are several ways for you to show your Instagram followers how much fun you are having! Here are four activities that we'd love to see, along with a couple of ways you can document your summer while having as much fun as possible. 


1. Attending a Wedding

It’s about that time. You’ve seen her grow from a bud to a beautiful flower. And now she’s getting married! This is the perfect opportunity to utilize #TBT’s and post those cute pictures of you guys as babies. (Please, spare nothing. We want the diaper pics to the braces phase.) As a true best friend, you’re in charge of all the crazy angles and background pictures that the photographer will miss. This includes #BrideBathroomSelfies.


2.  Take a Road Trip

All you need is a full tank of gas and snack money. No one needs to know where you’re going but you and the driver. Along the way, stop at those cute sunflower fields or that vintage gas station with the mural on the side and go camera crazy.

3. Stage a Photoshoot at the Park

I know it’s hot, but that is no reason to stay inside. Take advantage of those sunny days and visit a nearby park. Natural sunlight is the best filter and your images will come out fantastic, whether you’re using a camera phone or a professional camera.


4. Read a Good Book

Put down the Calculus book, the Advanced Chemistry or that World History guide. You finally have time to read a book that you actually like. Go to Barnes and Noble (a cool thrifty bookstore in your town), grab a few books that you plan to make your way through this summer, and photograph the books in true Tumblr fashion. When you finish one, let your followers know by giving the book a yay or a nay.