3 Looks From Aeropostale You Need This Fall

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

Our Survival Kit is coming with some heat during this chilly time. We have so many great items that every girl needs sooner or later. Aeropostale is set on providing fun items so that everyone can express themselves as well as their creativity, and they're providing two things most of us can’t do without: jeans with the right fit and accessories to add more flavor. Here are some ways to wear some of the items:

Outfit 1: Low-Rise Skinny Jean ($39.50), LLD Solid Crop Pullover Hoodie ($44.50), Faux Leather Moto Jacket ($89.50), Round Metal Sunglasses ($19.50)

This outfit is for your everyday wear, when going to class can’t just consist of throwing on a T-shirt and shorts and jetting out the door. During fall and winter, layering is a college student’s best bet because it can be difficult wearing too many clothes while booking it across campus, and let’s not mention the mid-day temperature change in Alabama. I chose the crop sweatshirt because first off, you don’t have to show your stomach. A long shirt with a crop top like this one is perfectly fine. I also chose it in case it does it warm later one you can take the leather jacket, plus it can be low maintenance. I chose the jeans because I see light jeans as a more casual look compared to dark jeans. The leather jacket is cute, but the main purpose for it is extra warmth because it has been colder than usual, in my opinion. It’s also super cute and finishes the down but warm look, as well as gives you less to carry if you get hot later on in the day. To finish the look off I think some cute white sneakers would work and solid color sunglasses. Side Note: Try to stay away from shoes made out of cloth like Converse; your feet will be frozen.


Outfit 2: Low-Rise Boyfriend Jean ($54.50), Tipped Mock-Neck Sweater ($44.50), Faux Leather Moto Jacket ($89.50), Tortoiseshell Cateye Sunglasses ($19.50)

This next outfit is for a less casual day on campus when you kind of want to dress up a little bit. The boyfriend jeans are comfy yet not as casual as leggings. Because they are boyfriend jeans, they’ll fit bigger, which is why I paired it with a tighter sweater. I think the leather jacket would go best with the outfit plus you can never go wrong with black on black. The best shoe to me would be a black combat boot and the tortoiseshell sunglasses to add to it.


Outfit 3: Seriously Stretchy Dark Wash High-Waisted Jegging ($46.50), Solid Chenille Sweater ($54.50), Velvet Moto Jacket ($109.50)

This outfit is for when you’re feeling really spunky and as dressy as a college student would feel like being. So I chose the darker skinny jeans because, as I said above, they dress things up a bit more. Plus they fit super cute. The blue sweater would fit a little big but because the jeans are so fitted it will be aesthetically pleasing, and nobody wants everything fitting too tight while going to class. I chose the light purple jacket to play on color and give the look a little spunkiness to it. I think a cute brown or beige booty will go perfect with this and dress it up a little more. I think the little clutch would give it some color coordination and they actually have sunglasses to match.

The one thing in the survival kit that will match any of these outfits, and any others, is the pack of gold rings. I don’t feel like you could ever really go wrong with is a little ring action.