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16 Thoughts We All Have While Drunk

We all have our moments where we let our drunk thoughts get to us.  You know what they say: drunk words are sober thoughts.

1.     “I should totally try to fix my eye makeup.”

2.     “Turn up the music! I’m a great dancer!”

3.     “I haven’t seen you in a day!!! OMFG!”” *squeels and jumps in circles*

4.     “Double texting this guy I met last week is okay, right?”


6.    “That sushi is not feeling too great in my stomach right now.”

7.     “Oh my God, I am so fat.”

8.    ” Lets take a picture!!!!!”

9.     “I should order a water…”

10. “I’m really regretting these heels.”

11.  “PIZZA!”

12. “Wait no, Taco Bell!”

13. “BOTH!”

14. “Why doesn’t he like me?!?!?!”

15. “I just ruined my new shirt…” 

16. “Okay I’m sleepy,  I’m gonna go to sleep.”

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Nicole is a senior at Auburn University majoring in journalism with a minor in marketing. She is a Campus Corespondent (CC) for Auburn's chapter. She enjoys long walks to class, fine wines and cheeses and spending time with her cat. Nicole can most likely be found at a music festival or in her bed. There are no inbetweens.
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