14 Times Ron Swanson Spoke To Us

Nick Offerman will be on campus next week, April 14th, for UPC's Comedy on The Plains, so it only makes sense to honor our favorite Parks Department Director! Here are 14 times Ron Swanson spoke words of real truth. 

1. When he said exactly what we were thinking 

2. When he got real about life 


3. When he displayed true patriotism 


4. When he said the truest words any college student has ever heard



5. When he understood feminism



6. When he described our feelings about the food chain 



7. When he got real about throwing shade



8. When he explained the real meaning of competitiveness 



9. When he really inspired us



10. When he explained the hierarchy of hatred 



11. When he got real with us about our drinking habits


 12. When he understood our coping methods


13. When he explained the motivation of almost every college student ever


14. And, most imporantly, when he left us with these words to live by:


all gifs courtesy of giphy.com