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10 Ways to Know You’re in the Second Semester Slump

1. No matter how early you go to bed, you never seem to get enough sleep

2. It seems like all you do is go to RBD to study

3. You’re constantly looking at pictures from last semester’s football weekends and wishing it could be here again

4. Pulling an all nighter is completely normal now

5. The only thing pulling you through is the thought of spring break (and then summer)

6. You pretty much plan your schedule around naps.

7. Somehow, you’re always sick.

8. When someone asks you how you’re doing

9. Some days, this is how you feel walking into class

10. At the end of the semester, you want to go to your professors’ houses and do this


Lexi is from Arab, Alabama and is happy to call Auburn University home. She is a freshman majoring in English Lanuage Arts Education. She eats too much popcorn and spends too much money. Likes: dogs, Halloween, theatre, and Harry Potter. Dislikes: 8 ams & mean people. War eagle!!!!!!
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