10 Things We Miss About Halloween as A Child

  • Picking Out The Perfect Front Porch Decoration (And Carving It!)

Going to a local pumpkin patch has always been a favorite Halloween tradition, especially among families and children. The perfect round, tall-stemmed, and bump-free pumpkin was always the most popular and fun to search for. Carving that pumpkin was even better.

  • Halloween Movies

Yes, you can still watch Hocus Pocus or Halloweentown as a college student, but we all know they were definitely so much more exciting when we were younger—and we all secretly wanted to be a witch like Marnie Cromwell (admit it, you know you did).

  • Searching For The Funniest Or Scariest Costume Of All

As a child, we never thought of sexualizing our Halloween costumes—no “sexy nurse” or “sexy cop”. Instead, we searched for the most gruesome or over-the-top getup, and all the accessories and face paint to go with it. Honestly, it was much more fun that way.

  • Trick-or-Treating With Pillow Cases

We all knew pillow cases were better than those plastic jack-o’-lantern bags when trick-or-treating, allowing for maximum candy collection.

  • The “Just Take One” Bowls

Some people are too trusting. You’re lying if you ever say you actually took only one piece of candy from those bowls. Stopping by these homes was hitting the jackpot.

  • Bobbing For Apples

While we never wanted to actually receive apples on Halloween, dunking our faces into a tub of water was the funniest (and hardest) task!

  • Roaming The Neighborhood Without Parents

FREEDOM. That is all.

  • Going To A Haunted House

What better way is there to get into the Halloween spirit? Visiting haunted houses was the best (and most frightening) way to spend a night with friends.

  • Having Halloween Parties At School

In elementary school, every holiday called for a party. Oh, tomorrow’s Halloween? Wear your costume to school, and everyone bring an orange snack to share!

  • Dividing Up The Loot And Acquiring The Best Sugar High

Wrapping up the night by sorting the KitKats from the Snickers and the Skittles from the M&Ms and eating as many pieces as you can in one night was definitely the best part of Halloween. The sugar tolerance we as children used to acquire is always missed this time of year.