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10 Pinterest-worthy Ideas to Make You the Ultimate Friendsgiving Hostess

Hey ladiessssss! I hope y’all had a great, fun, and safe Halloween! On to the next holiday though, right? T~H~A~N~K~S~G~I~V~I~N~G

I love Thanksgiving. The food, the family, the week-long vacation…. Its just great. So why not have two? That’s right, I’m talking Friendsgiving. In some ways I think Friendsgiving can be more enjoyable than regular Thanksgiving because there’s no distant aunt asking you when you’re getting married and you probably get to drink more than you’re allowed to in front of your grandmother. Here are 10 Pinterest-worthy ideas to help kick off your feasting frenzy!


1. A cute place to put your drinks

This adorable pumpkin ice bucket will keep your rosé cool while your guests trickle in. Seriously, can you think of a more perfect fall-y way to accessorize your bar cart?

2. Jazzy cups and party favors

Serve your rosé in these cute and jazzy “Thankful AF” cups! Bonus: Save yourself the trouble of washing a million cups and let your guests keep these as a party favor!

3. Snack, snack, snack it up

The guests have arrived but your turkey still has 20 minutes in the oven. Cue the apps. This cutie patootie meat and cheese tray is the perfect way to curb the starvation and get your guests in the festive mood.

4. Make a festive tablescape…

This super simple butcher paper idea will let you get a little artsy and draw for each of your guests! Practice that calligraphy you’ve been obsessing over and get writing! Then add some candles or flowers as a centerpiece and you’re ready to go!

5. …Or try these cute name cards!

Fantabulosity has a free place card printable so whether you’re in a time crunch or just aren’t into drawing on a tablecloth, this is the option for you.

6. Replace that sketchy cranberry sauce

Instead of cranberry sauce that will just sit out and go untouched, serve this cranberry mule cocktail and make all your friends think you’re fancy.

7. Bread, because bread is life

Since I’ve mentioned alcohol in three of the 6 points before this, I felt like I needed to put a carbohydrate in here to make sure you’re not tipsy by this point (jk). These pumpkin dinner rolls look really cool and detailed so your guests will automatically be super impressed with your skills. Just don’t tell them that these are actually incredibly simple to make!

8. A delish side dish

Alright, so this one doesn’t have anything that screams “Friendsgiving” but it has bacon… Any excuse to add bacon to a meal, am I right? Try these fancy green bean bundles with bacon instead of regular green bean casserole!

9. Dessert!

These sugar cookie pumpkin pies are so cute and small and delicious. You really can’t go wrong.

10. Play an after-dinner-game, watch a movie, have story time or make a list of why you’re thankful for each other!

Take some time after dinner to just enjoy each other. My friends and I watch “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving”; short, sweet and to the point. Just a little pause to snuggle down and remember why y’all got together in the first place.

Have a great Thanksgiving season!

Casey Wilson

Auburn '18

Casey Wilson is a recent Auburn University graduate. She loves acting, animals, and the color pink. Her most impressive skill is her ability to quote The Emperors New Groove in its entirety closely followed by her ability to trip over nothing. If you can't find her, she's probably taking a nap with her dog. Instagram: @realcaseyk
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