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Interior Priority Seating First Date
Interior Priority Seating First Date
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Your Guide to Stereotypical Bad Dates

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at ASU chapter.

Every girl dreams of the “love at first sight” romance trope. Heck, there might even be some guys who have the same dream. But, despite this being a common dream, it’s not always the reality we face. In fact, oftentimes we get the exact opposite. Horror stories aren’t just for movies- nope. They can show up in real life, too. Often in the form of bad dates. 

It’s always fun to get ready for a first date. Everything’s new, exciting, and there’s probably anticipation for meeting someone new that you vibe with. Dating horror stories definitely aren’t planned, and aren’t funny until it’s two weeks later and you’re laughing about it in pajamas with your friends. As someone who’s prone to bad dates, I’m here to tell you the best ways to combat each type of person you can encounter on a bad date. 

#1: The Mega-Conversationalist 

Everyone loves good conversation. Right? I mean, that is when it’s not with someone who is a little too good at conversation. Picture this: you’re sitting across from a cute person you met and now you’re on a date. The ambience is great, you just placed your order, and you guys are smiling. Great, right? That is, when you go to start talking and they interrupt you. You wait, let them finish, then go to respond. Boom. They start talking again. Ten minutes later, you haven’t gotten a word in. It’s even worse when they’re a narcissist, too. 

“So I was whitewater rafting once…” “Yeah? I whitewater rafted once. Had to fight off a river shark.” “Yeah, wow. Impressive! Actually, once, when I was skydiving…” “I went skydiving when I was five. Had to fight off an attack helicopter. 


What to do?

Easy. Let them keep talking. Text a friend to let them know the situation, have them call you and make an excuse to have you leave. It works as while you’re on the phone, your date has to stop talking (unless they’re just rude). Then, you can easily excuse yourself from the situation and leave. And, hopefully, unmatch on whatever app you met on. 

#2 Little Miss/Mr. Bad Hygiene 

Boy, can I talk about this one. As I mentioned earlier, getting ready for a date is truly a fun experience. You would think, at least. I’d like to highlight one of my prime date experiences from last year. 

Here. I received the text. Doesn’t even come to my door? Red flag. I get to the car, it reeks. Here I was, choosing between three sugar scrubs just an hour prior, and he doesn’t even shower? I move past it, and we get to the restaurant. In the light, I notice he is wearing a ripped shirt. Now, I’ve heard of ripped jeans, but a ripped shirt? Guess I missed the fashion memo on that one. We sit down, and he starts talking. You guessed it, bad breath. 

What to do? 

Normally, I’d say utilize the same method as above. However, they may be a genuinely great person you want to continue seeing, and hygiene is the only off thing about them. In that case, it’s best to use a tactful approach. Accept an offer for a second date if it comes up, and buy them a small gift of some aftershave, perfume, shower gel or deodorant, and tell them you really like the smell of it. This sometimes will be enough for the person to realize there is an issue, but also appreciate the gesture.

#3 The Ready-To-Settle One

Now, before I dive into this type, let me add a disclaimer. There is nothing wrong with eagerness! However, there is such a thing as being too eager. I’ve definitely had dates escalate a little… too fast. I’ll provide another personal experience I really wish wasn’t personal:

2021. Late September. I went on a date with a guy I met at a school event a few weeks prior. We go out again, all is well. On the third date, we went back to his place for a movie night. Things are still going well. Fast forward an hour or so, I excuse myself to use the bathroom. I kid you not, behind the door is a collage of pictures. Printed photographs. Some are of my Instagram posts, pictures of me around school; some are even screenshots of discussion posts for class. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I wasn’t sure whether to be terrified or flattered, honestly. It’s the Leo in me. 

When confronted with my findings, he doesn’t even try to defend himself. He… confessed his love? I was given a five-minute spiel of his profound feelings for me and his desire to… marry me?

It’s safe to assume that there was not a fourth date. 

I could give a solution to this type of date partner, but I would be biased (hello, commitment issues!). What I can tell you, is that partners like this will definitely become obsessed and possessive down the line, so it may be better to leave early on. Pay attention to the red flags! 

Needless to say, we’ve all had our fair share of bad dates. Relationships are tricky, and they can be a funny story to look back on and laugh about. These tips are meant to help if you ever find yourself caught on a bad date. Hopefully, they don’t need to be used.

Happy relationship-ing! 

Aliza is a freshman at Arizona State University studying Marketing and Management. She loves the articles that get her out talking to people for content. When she's not writing, she'll be at the pool or hitting weights in the gym.