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Why You Need To Buy Vance Joy Tickets Right Now

“Loved getting out in the sun today in Phoenix. Great view from the stage tonight. Thanks lovely people,” wrote Vance Joy via Instagram on April 22. 

James Keogh, also known as Vance Joy, performed at the Comerica Theater in downtown Phoenix on a Saturday evening, singing several of his emotional songs off his new album, A Nation For Two. Joy is an Australian indie pop and folk singer who plays several instruments including the guitar and ukulele; his multi-talented skills were evident that evening.

I had the opportunity, along with HC ASU’s senior editor, Kaela Busse, to attend his concert in Phoenix, and let me tell you, I was extremely impressed.

Here’s eight reasons why you need to buy tickets right now so that you can listen to this Australian music god live.

1. Vance Joy is One Of the Best Musicians I’ve Seen Live

Really, I mean it. Kaela and I got really good seats too- right in the middle section. Joy came out singing, “Call If You Need Me,” which is one of my favorite songs off his new album. I’ll admit it, I was fangirling a bit when the curtain came up and there he was in the middle of the stage playing his guitar. After several songs, I turned to Kaela and yelled, “His vocals live sound exactly like his album!” She agreed and we discussed after the concert that his soothing but playful voice had every person in the stadium singing along. In fact, at one point when Joy was singing “Riptide,” (c’mon everybody knows “Riptide”), he stepped away from the microphone and listened to the audience sing the chorus as he strummed the guitar and smiled happily. Does Vance Joy have a fandom name yet? If so, I want to be initiated.  

2. He Not Only Plays Several Instruments, But Also Has A Band To Back Him Up

I’ve gone to a few concerts where it’s just the musician standing in the middle of the stage with his guitar. While that’s great, it doesn’t really make me feel like I’m at a concert. Joy had his band consisting of a pianist, saxophonist, trumpet player, and drummer- for songs like “Riptide,” and “Saturday Sun,” they were right there playing with him. I could tell everybody on the stage was savoring the moment as the Phoenix crowd cheered and sang along. However, what I also enjoyed was during the soft, mellow, emotional songs, the band left the stage. It made the audience fixate on Joy as he sang about love and heartbreak. 

3. He Connected With His Audience

Vance Joy told the audience some awesome stories. The song, “Little Boy,” is about when he was a kid and fell over the handlebars on his bike and lost a front tooth. He mentioned that he was really scared to get a new one a few years later and then discovered at age eighteen, when he went to his first nightclub, that the tooth was glow in the dark. He also told us about how his Mother helped him write the lyrics for one song, and that “Saturday Sun” was written because of the sunny weather in Melbourne that can turn instantly to a full on rainstorm in a matter of seconds.

4. Vance Joy Plays At Small Venues Making It More Intimate

It wasn’t a massive venue which was nice so that everyone in the theater could see him without bringing binoculars. A win-win for both sides! 

5. His Management Team are Dedicated & Extremely Friendly

Kaela and I were astonished at how nice the staff was at the Comerica Theater and his personal team. I’m standing by any singer that has an awesome, friendly, group of people that work for them.

6. He’s What You Imagine In a Musician: Tall, Handsome, Sings Into Your Soul

I mean have you seen his hair? Enough said.

7. He’s Really, Really, Nice!

Kaela and I were given the opportunity to go backstage to meet him and he was so personable! He even asked Kaela and I how we spelled our names! What a cutie! (I’m still wondering it that actually happened or am I still dreaming?) 

8. Vance Joy is a Rising Artist, (well at least here in the U.S.), So Catch Him Now Before Tickets Skyrocket In Price!

Tickets are sold out in South America and Australia so buy tickets here in the U.S. before they sell out! There is no doubt in my mind that Vance Joy is on the rise to global stardom and as a fan, I’m along for the ride.

(Pinch me! This is real right?) 


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Kathleen Leslie is a freshman at Arizona State University, studying political science and communications. She was born in August, (a typical Leo), in Chicago, Illinois but has since moved all over the world. Though, she considers Australia and Orange County, California, her home. Kathleen is a part of the 'I Am That Girl' club on ASU's campus and in addition, works as a communications aide for ASU. In her free time, she likes to shop, sail and hang out with friends, (hoping it always involves something with food). Kathleen Leslie is also the current campus correspondent for Her Campus ASU.
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