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When You Know It’s Halloween on a College Campus

Well, it’s that time of year again. While some of you ladies may be pulling out something less than scandalous for your Halloween extravaganzas, others are gathering their fishnets, bunny ears, and high heels. While some of you are sticking to your diet, others are shoving their faces with Reese’s. It’s that time. It’s Halloween.

1. You see people walking around in costumes

Okay, so obviously students are walking around campus during Halloween weekend in costumes, but I’m talking about weeks before and even during the week. “Studying at Club Hayden? Nah, I have a costume party tonight… duh.” I guarantee some of you lovely collegiettes have already pulled out the fishnets and high heels. Amirite?

2. You keep saying you’ll restart your diet

If you’ve passed the Halloween candy section while grocery shopping and haven’t given in yet, you’re lucky. Be strong girlfriend. You’re still working on getting rid of that freshman 15 from however long ago and I applaud you. However, a little bit of candy never hurt anybody.

3. You find yourself in places you never shop

Don’t typically find yourself in that sex shop down the street? Well, now you have an excuse to go. Bring some girlfriends with you and have yourselves a grand ole time. 

4. You’re stressing

You’re trying to get all your schoolwork done so you can be ready for Halloween. It’s understandable. On top of that, you’re trying to find pieces to 3-4 costumes or in the process of making your own. You’re a ball of stress, but once Halloween rolls around you’ll be carefree and be making some amazing college memories. Stay confident and stay safe.  

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