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What to get an Arizona Girl for Christmas

ASU students have it rough. All of the stores are selling all of the winter essentials: long sleeves, fluzzy pajama bottoms, you name it. While they may seem like exactly what everyone wants right now, it isn’t very practical. It’s only pants-weather in Arizona about three months out of the year, so if you want a gift she’ll really love, think ahead and give a gift she’ll use all year round. Check out these Her Campus Finals Survival Kit items that will make the perfect squad gift.

1. BOGO Chipotle cards.

The key to a girls heart is through her stomach. Arizona girls love their southwestern flare, and Chipotle gives us just that with their three delicious salsa options. A BOGO card will give her the freedom to have some much-needed girl time with her best friend. Want this squad gift to go even further? Get her a Chipotle gift card so the BOGO cards go the extra mile.

2. TRESemmé PERFECTLY Undone

We don’t live near the ocean at all, but that doesn’t stop the ladies of ASU from wanting sun-kissed beach hair. These products give girls light waves in their hair with minimum effort. All they have to do is spray a little on when hair is damp, twist and blowdry. It’s perfect for days when you just don’t have time to do your hair, but want to look nice anyway. They’ll thank you for this one.

3. Michael Kors Flash Tattoos

This gift is great for ASU women in many ways. First of all, Michael Kors flash tattoos come with plenty in the pack, so she can share with all of her friends. They’re very easy to do, and fun too! The best part? They smell like Michael Kors perfume for about three days. Never has fashion smelled so hot and looked so good. The gold color will pop on any skin tone in the Arizona sun.

4. Vera Bradley Zip ID Case

This cute wallet from Vera Bradley is an ASU essential. Sun Cards are what keeps students moving. We need them to get into parking garages, apartments, dorms, dining halls, and after-hours classrooms. ASU students know that only freshman wear their IDs on lanyards, so this adorable upgrade will save students from having to dig through their bag all the time. 

I am a sophomore pursuing a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University
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