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Top 3 Political Science Professors at ASU

College can be a drag– especially when your classes are underwhelming. Constantly attending boring lectures that you have no interest in whatsoever can result in a lack of motivation, and consequently, poor grades. You may start to wonder if any of it is worth your time, money or even a minimal amount of effort. At Arizona State University, I can assure you that you’ll find plenty of boring lecture style classes–but as someone who’s in their final semester–I can guarantee you that these professors will not lose your interest.

Dr. Gina Woodall

This professor is one of a kind. Not only is she a huge name in the political science world, she’s also a huge advocate for women. In my tenure at ASU, I’ve  taken five classes with her–that’s how much I enjoyed her style of teaching. She offers courses such as American Government and Politics, Women and Politics, and even Fake News: How to Identify and Refute It. She has a true passion for each of these subjects, and it shows. Sign up for her classes quickly though– they tend to fill up fast!

Dr. Richard Herrera

Although I only took one class with him, I can promise that I would take that class over and over if I could. He taught one of the first political science classes I had ever taken–way back in freshman year. I was unsure of my major, and in search of some sort of validation that this was the path I wanted to pursue and he completely rid me of any reservations. He kept every student on the edge of their seat and each lecture was a new and exciting experience. Being one of my most valuable classes to date, I highly recommend taking a class with him if given the opportunity.

Dr. Tara Lennon

Professor Lennon has to be one of the most knowledgeable individuals out there. Though highly intelligent, she still makes sure to not overload her students with massive amounts of information at once. She spreads out the materials and teaches them in a direct but fun manner. She even has a class that makes you create a board game related to the lectures! Everyone online and in-person raves about this professor, and for good reason. If there’s an opening for her class next semester, please take advantage of it! You won’t regret it. 

There you have it! Instead of hitting up RateMyProfessor, I have all of the information you need right here. I implore any political science major or minor at ASU to take a class with at least one of these professors, as they truly changed my academic life. College is not only a culmination of what you know, but also who you meet. Take advantage of the opportunities at ASU and meet with professors such as these. They will lead you down paths you never thought you’d take–in the best way possible.

Madison Andrade is a senior studying Political Science at Arizona State University. Her favorite pastimes are reading, playing piano and rough-housing with her Great Dane puppies! She aspires to make a positive change in one person's life, every day. If you have any questions for Madison, feel free to email her at: [email protected]
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