Thank You Ama

I just want to say one thing—Gracias ama.

Thank you for deciding to love me unconditionally the moment you set your eyes on me. It was early in the morning and you went through an indescribable pain, but you still smiled when my siblings insisted on giving me a name with a D. “Su nombre es Diana.”

Thank you for smiling through the pain even if it meant going through a broken relationship and a father that stopped coming. You cried behind closed doors and moved to a whole new country alone to give us the best future possible. “Los vamos a los Estados Unidos.”

Thank you for making me feel safe when I had to face a room full of tiny strangers and two teachers on my first day of school. You gave me a kiss on the forehead and told me to be strong. “Sea fuerte Dianita.”

Thank you for working so damn hard every day as a single mother with three children who always knew what love meant because of you. Whenever you could, you would get some of our favorite food even if it meant having to take an extra shift. “¡Les gare allitas Dianita!”

Thank you for teaching me to laugh and be kind even in a neighborhood that had broken car windows and dark corners. You cracked jokes at my many trips and tumbles for playing with the neighbor’s kids because of course, you knew I was just trying to keep up as the youngest. “Ayy Dianita.”

Thank you for reminding me everyday to be good in school because education was the key. You checked my grades and hugged me hard every time because even though I was the quiet kid, I was the kid who liked reading so much you liked to tell me it was my super power. “¡Que bueno que te gusta leer Dianita!”

Thank you for wiping my tears every time we moved because you knew how anxious I was for the first day in a school, I knew I would be in for less than a year. It was the apartment life but you knew I would always be okay, allowing me to repeat movies even if it was the 30th time you saw it. “Ya la vistes ayer pero esta bien Diana.”

Thank you for showing me what honesty really means, when you were given too much change by the supermarket. You turned right back the minute you saw the extra quarter, the employees shocked when they saw you again. “Tenemos que regresar Dianita.”

Thank you for standing as high as you could so I could see you in the crowd when I graduated. You and my siblings had the brightest smiles and I knew even as I got my degree, the best thing in my life has been with me since the day I was born. “¡Felicidades Dianita!”

Thank you for kissing me on the forehead one more time as we said our goodbyes on my first day of moving into the college dorms. I cried before you did and even though I was scared of leaving it all behind you reminded me to be strong because you’ll always be there. “Acuerdate Diana. Sea fuerte.”

I guess I couldn’t just say one thing because you've done so much more than, I’ll ever be able to thank you for ama. But that’s the thing about you, isn’t it? You’ll never accept a thank you. You’ll just keep loving me no matter what.

Feliz Dia de las Madres.