Spring Cleanout: Toxic People Edition

Have you ever known someone who constantly brings you down? The type of people who never have anything positive to say, who you can guarantee will call you about some frivolous complaint they have. I’m not talking about when your friend is going through a tough time, but when that’s all you ever hear about, it tends to wear on you without you even noticing. Spring is coming, and you know what that means... CLEANOUT!

When you think ‘cleanout’ you may think of your closet, your purse or your drawers, but what I’m referring to is much deeper. Spring is a time for cleaning out the negativity and clutter in your life. This clutter doesn’t have to solely be material, it can also mean the people you’re involved with!

Image result for toxic friends gifToxic people come in all shapes and sizes. Some are falsely kind, some are manipulative, some are self-centered and some are just downright mean. Whatever the case may be, if a person is draining you, cut them out. There is not enough time on this earth to waste time being unhappy, especially if you can help it. Cutting out people who drain you of good energy is so relieving.

Image result for gif rihanna on ellenNow, there is nothing wrong with giving people second chances, and allowing them to redeem themselves. We’re human, and all of us may tend to get caught up in our own lives from time to time. Remember to draw a line though. Ain’t nobody got time for energy leeches!

So with spring here, and floral prints in, remember to get rid of those old sweaters, but those outdated people as well. Happy decluttering!