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Sporting Event Survival Guide: What to Wear and What to Bring

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at ASU chapter.

Attending sporting events is a very big part of college culture at ASU. For some people, going to the game is an all day affair. They tailgate before the game, they watch the game, then go out after the game. You spend a long time on your feet cheering for the team. Here are a few tips to make going to a sports game a more comfortable experience.

How to Dress

The most important style tip is to dress comfortably. It is probably a good idea to dress in team colors. If you go to a college game, wear whatever the spirit color is (ex: blackout, pink-out, etc.). Comfortable footwear is really important at games since you will be on your feet cheering for a long time. Another tip is to dress appropriately to the type of sporting event your going to. It would be wise to dress warmly to a hockey game and dress in shorter sleeves for outdoor games.




What to pack

Sporting events usually have you occupied for a couple hours, you probably want to have a few things so everything runs perfectly!


1. Cash: Cash is a good item to have at a sports game because some concession stands are cash only. You do not want to be stuck in a line at the ATM because those lines are long, and you’ll be missing the game.

2.  Portable charger : If you like to use snapchat, take pictures or use any sort of social media at the game, this is IMPORTANT! Nothing sucks more than your phone dying while your trying to take pictures at the game.

3.  5 hour energy: You want to be excited and cheering as long as you can during the game. The 5 Hour Energy is helpful in keeping your energy up so you can cheer. This can be super helpful at games with really late start times. It is also really convenient to have in your purse because it is small.

4.  Small hygiene products: Most girls wear makeup when they go out, so it’s a good idea to keep some in your purse to touch up. Other things like Palmer’s Coco Butter chapstick, and body spray are useful to pack. These products are more useful at outdoor games where you are sweating.

5. Water: Water is a good idea to bring to an outdoor game to stay cute and hydrated. It’s expensive at concession stands (super unfair, right?).  Some places may not allow you to bring water in, so always check ahead of time.

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