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Small Business Of The Week: Fantasia Crystals

Crystals, lotions, and potions, OH MY!

Looking for your next metaphysical fix without having to drive all the way to Sedona to get it? Welcome to Fantasia Crystals!

Fantasia has hundreds of crystals, altar cloths, essential oils, and books on Pagan and Wiccan religion and culture. They have a wide variety of necklaces, beads and other nifty items to prepare you for any spiritual journey you are pursuing.

My absolute favorite part of Fantasia is that there shop is organized by region of gods. They had divided it into sections such as Egyptian, Celtic, Christian, and even Buddhist. With every section, there is extensive goodies pertaining to that region. Anything from necklaces, lucky coins, daggers, and prayer beads. It’s an amazing treat that not many shops offer, especially in Arizona.

They also have a huge case filled floor to ceiling with tarot cards. They always allow you to touch and feel the energy from the cards, making sure that you enjoy their feel and their air. They understand the importance of the connection between the item and guest and they will never pressure you to buy anything, and also help you in anyway they can with anything you need. Need Rose quartz to encourage more love? Or perhaps amethyst to promote self health? They will help in anyway they can, and then some.

Another unique aspect about Fantasia is that they offer classes, card readings, and invite guests about every other week. Guests, can sign up, and wait their turn within the shop before going into their back room for the event at hand. Usually the classes are on personal spells, lectures on Wiccan history, or even palm readings by professionals. It truly is a fun experience, even if it really isn’t your thing.

You can find Fantasia Crystals on North 7th Street in Phoenix. It’s a little whole in the wall, hidden between a small bar style restaurant, and some other neat little shops. If you ever are in need of a good adventure, or even a new crystal, go on over to Fantasia, they’ll help you with all your Metaphysical needs and wants.


My name is Mikayla Beyries. I was born in Southern California before moving to Arizona where I have lived a majority of my life. I am currently a freshman in college on my way to becoming a Political Journalist. I want to write about what matters, as a woman, as a student, as a human there are going to be things at stake that the world should see, and I want to help deliver that knowledge to them.
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