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Small Business Of The Week: Carolina’s Mexican Food

If you’re as obsessed with Mexican Food as I am, you should already know the name Carolina’s. Yet almost everyone I ask has never heard of this Holy Grail of tortillas and guac. So I am going to blow your mind, right here, right now.

Carolina’s is a sweet little hole in the wall Mexican food restaurant in downtown Phoenix. It’s a little bit of a drive if you’re in Tempe like me, but it’s totally worth the gas. You’ll agree when you taste their chimichangas.

This little shop has been open since 1968; I mean a shop that’s been around that long has to be absolutely killer! They have little yellow walls that you can see from a mile away, and the big ol’ sign that looks like it’s been there for years.

Immediately, the place brings back memories for me, I’ve been going there since I was very young. When I moved to Arizona, we were so used to having Americanized Mexican food. You know the ones: Taco Bell, Del Taco, all those little places with the drive through. They were okay, but they lacked the spirit Carolina’s brings forth.

I remember the first time I went. The sun had just set and the place was packed wall to wall. The smells smack you in the face when you first walk through the doors, and the night seems to come alive! The music is soft, and you can barely hear it over the laughs and cheers from families alike.

When you order your food, they give it to you in a togo box, filled to the brim with yummy handmade creations. If you get a drink, they have your classic drink station with your everyday soda products. However right next to it they have unique drinks, such as an orange cream soda and pina colada. They also have the best Horchata in town.

True story.

Not feeling a burrito at 9am? That’s cool, cause Carolina’s also serves breakfast 7:00 am to 10:30 am and who doesn’t love the smell of chorizo in the morning?

Stop on by Carolina’s for a Mexican food experience you will never forget. I promise you won’t regret it, especially when you get your hands on their Cheese Enchilada plate with a Horchata to drink!

You can even take home a little slice of Carolina’s because they sell their handmade, wonderfully delicious, tortillas by the pack! They are absolutely divine for the ride home!


My name is Mikayla Beyries. I was born in Southern California before moving to Arizona where I have lived a majority of my life. I am currently a freshman in college on my way to becoming a Political Journalist. I want to write about what matters, as a woman, as a student, as a human there are going to be things at stake that the world should see, and I want to help deliver that knowledge to them.
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