This Skincare Product Surprisingly Saved My Skin

For the past few years I’ve been using skincare products that I had no idea were harming my skin. I would use pore strips and exfoliate my face too often, causing my skin to break out. I recently bought some new products to see if changing up my routine would be beneficial for my skin. The products that I bought six months ago are the same ones that I continue to use today. Sunscreen seriously changed my skin once I started applying it every day. I’m not consistently in the sun for hours every single day but I still apply sunscreen to my face every morning and night. woman applying lotion Photo by Sora Shimazaki from Pexels

The first thing that I do after washing my face with the Cetaphil cleanser is apply Vitamin C serum. The serum helps with brightening so I like to apply it to my under eyes and cheekbones. Once that dries, I apply  Cetaphil moisturizer all over my face and neck. Then I go in with the Neutrogena oil-free sunscreen which I like to rub into my hands before gently pressing it into my skin. The main change I noticed once I first started using the sunscreen was how soft my face felt afterward. At first I was hesitant to put all of these products on my skin because it made my face look greasy, but once I felt how soft my face was after applying these products, I kept using them in the same exact order every morning and night. Since I started using these products, I have noticed that my skin is glowing and have experienced fewer breakouts. 

It’s a calming experience for me to do my skincare routine, especially at night. It’s part of my “me” time when I’m all alone and can take however long I want to complete my routine and not be rushed. Throughout the day, I typically have a lot going on and I feel very rushed to get things done so it’s nice having this time for myself.

There are so many benefits to applying sunscreen every day whether it be on your face or body. Dermatologist Anna Chief believes that sunscreen is one of the best ways to help your skin. “Used regularly, sunscreen helps prevent sunburn, skin cancer, and premature aging.”