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 A Reaction to the Season 3 Good Girls Premiere… From Someone Who Hasn’t Watched Season 1 or 2

 You may have heard of  NBC’s hit show Good Girls. I, however, was unaware of its existence  before Her Campus introduced me to it. With the Season 3 premiere on the horizon and plenty of swag for the show, my Her Campus chapter hosted a watch party in celebration. Here’s a run-down of our watch party festivities.

We began the evening with a little season catch-up. I was introduced to Beth, Annie and Ruby and got a sneak peak into their day-to-day lives–the most dramatic parts anyway. After this brief review, I thought I was completely prepared for the upcoming season. I soon came to realize that I, actually, was in no way prepared.

The season begins with continued development of each character:

Ruby Hill is wrestling with her husband’s scandalous career choice, but has to suck it up due to the high cost of her daughter’s medical bills. In my opinion, she handles this with extreme grace. I could never handle my man walking around naked women everyday as a strip club security guard… no matter how “strong” our relationship is. She quickly became my favorite character as she offered a sizable amount of comedic relief. In times of trouble she always seemed to handle herself with dignity, whereas most people (myself included) would not.



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As for Beth Boland, we learn of her dirty laundry as well. Throughout the premier, she constantly referenced the fact that she killed the father of a boy on her son’s soccer team. For this reason, she felt obligated to offer the son’s mother a variety of soccer items, as a way to pay homage to the boy’s late father. Little did she know, however, the boy’s mother was quite well-off and even offered to pay the mortgage on Beth’s house. I found Beth to be the most understandable. Her kindness overshadowed any of her previous mistakes, and I often times found myself feeling the most sympathy for her character.

The final main character who stood out to me was Annie Marks. Annie is the younger sister of Beth (although I didn’t realize this until I was told after because they certainly didn’t act like siblings). Annie seems like she’s slowly finding her way around in a dark and scary world. She’s had to navigate the realities of her life,including trying to cope with her rape by sleeping with a slew of men. She seems like a headstrong, albeit sad, character who may be lost in the dysfunction of it all.

Over the course of the episode, these three ladies work together to perfectly create counterfeit money. They hilariously go through a series of  trials and tribulations to perfect this art, including drying the cash with Scrabble tiles! Unfortunately, once they are able to do so Beth gets cold feet, because of her recent run-in with a cop, and throws all of the cash regretfully into a pit of fire. (I wasn’t quite sure why the series set the season up like they did, but I’m sure it’ll l get explained throughout the season.)



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Overall, Good Girls defines a true friendship between these three ladies and highlights the importance of having good people around you. Everyone needs a friend who they can commit a crime with (maybe not producing counterfeit money though…)!

Our watch party got me totally hooked on this show. Because of the unique comedy and the sympathy these complex characters imbue, I can’t stop at episode 1. I will be tuning in to all of the episodes to come, every Sunday on NBC 10/9 Central. Mark your calendars ladies! You won’t want to miss this.

Madison Andrade is a senior studying Political Science at Arizona State University. Her favorite pastimes are reading, playing piano and rough-housing with her Great Dane puppies! She aspires to make a positive change in one person's life, every day. If you have any questions for Madison, feel free to email her at: [email protected]
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