Our Fall Netflix Favs!

It’s that time of year again: procrastinating studying for our midterms! What better way to procrastinate than watching Netflix? There's no point in trying to deny that we all do it, so I might as well give you some new Netflix recommendations! Here’s a quick list of some shows in different genres, so grab your girls, some popcorn, and get ready for some bingewatching. 

Crime: The Fall

Before Jamie Dornan was the ~very~ sexy Christian Grey, he played Paul Spector, a serial killer who claims his victims in Belfast, Ireland. Gillian Anderson (a true icon) plays Stella Gibson, a motivated, clever detective from London. Stella Gibson hunts for the killer terrorizing Northern Ireland, while Paul Spector hides in plain sight amidst his own hunt for new victims. The duality of the hunt, one in search of the killer and the other in search for victims, makes this psychological thriller the perfect binge-worthy fall show.

Reality: Dancing Queen

Abby Lee Miller who?! She can move aside because there’s a new dance instructor! Justin Johnson, also known as Alyssa Edwards, runs a dance studio by day and rocks the drag stage by night. Yes, you heard right. Alyssa Edwards from Rupaul’s Drag Race has a dance studio! It’s the binge worthy Dance Moms replacement we’ve been waiting for!

Comedy: John Mulaney Kid Gorgeous

It seems like every other twitter joke seems to have to do with John Mulaney, or is it just me? Regardless, this comedy special is definitely one you shouldn’t glance over, because it’s filled with quirky humor guaranteed to provoke a laugh or two. His retelling of his childhood and moments on SNL are both relatable and outlandish all in one. Never underestimate the power of laughter, right?!

Horror: Hush

It’s ~spooky season~, so a horror movie is an absolute must. Hush takes places in the quiet forest where a deaf woman, Maddie, lives alone. Maddie must silently defend herself and her home from a mysterious, masked killer. One night of cat and mouse with a killer in the woods can lead to a fatal ending. This adrenaline pumping movie will keep you on your toes, or in your boo’s arms, until the very end. 


Romance: Before We Go

Chris Evans plays a carefree musician who chances upon a woman in Grand Central Station. They both spend the night together going through a beautiful, adorable adventure in New York City. Their fateful encounter changes their lives even in the fleeting moments of the night. This isn’t the movie for you if you’re looking for something critically acclaimed, but it is a sweet, cheesy little movie that'll give you the warm fuzzy feeling we all know you want.