No Need for the Grinch Mask This Valentine’s Day

“Valentine’s Day sucks.” That’s the first thing my friend told me when I asked her about the holiday this semester. I’ve noticed the iconic day usually falls into two categories: people either completely adore it or loathe it entirely.


I definitely get why some of us turn into the Grinch during this time. I myself wore the green mask for a while, finding it much too easy to hate on something that constantly bombards me with corny “Be Mine” hearts and couples that make out like they’re trying to swallow each other. It also doesn’t help that since middle school, I’ve been able to clearly see the faces of my single friends internally playing “All By Myself”  in a loop as they’re reminded that they have yet to have the relationship of their dreams. I’m sure they don’t find that fun.



But then I remind myself of the days after school in elementary (when classmates were actually forced to give everyone something--the good old days!). I would arrive home and find the bowl of kisses my mom always left for the family. And I would watch  my brother surprise our mother with flowers and she would smile so hard even though it’s the same thing she gets every year. And my siblings and I would give her the biggest hug we could because the tiny chocolate kisses meant a lot more to us than she’ll probably ever know.



What I’m trying to say is that Valentine’s  Day doesn’t have to be a torturous reminder that we’re forever going to be alone. Because if we look around us, we realize that’s the farthest thing from the truth. We can celebrate with whomever: family, friends, significant others, anyone that we care about. I think we boxed this holiday a little too tightly, forgetting that love can mean more than romance. It can be the jokes we share with our friends or the calls from family that wish us a great day.

I might be getting a little corny here but I think it’s necessary when talking about the day of love (okay, that was totally cringy, I’ll stop). So for this Valentine’s Day, be the Grinch that loved Christmas. Enjoy your time celebrating Galentine’s Day or visiting your parents or literally just finding a good bowl of sweets and watching some Netflix. Either way, forget that single life can be depressing, and instead remember the something that makes you feel loved. Mine’s a bowl of chocolates on a scratched coffee table--what’s yours?