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My Love Hate Realationship with Palm Walk

It’s a consoling feeling to realize that I share this sentiment with a number of ASU collegiates. In fact, for almost every ASU student, Palm Walk is nothing but their favorite path to hate during school hours. One moment you are in love with it, but the next the feeling is transformed to resentment. You love it because its fine line of royal palm trees is the most exotic way to evade the fact that you go to school in the middle of the desert (no shade, ASU). Walking up to it overwhelms you with the soothing feeling of reaching an oasis after a long and dehydrating journey in the desert. That is of course before the hateful part catches up with you: the realization that unlike other exotic mirages, Palm Walk is as busy as downtown Manhattan and has close to no shade. Honestly, who thought it was a good idea to add one more element to the non-exhaustive list of “Things that disappoint college students?”

Nonetheless, it remains a beautiful scenery change from boring buildings, just don’t expect the illusory coolness while bumping on five students per minute on Palm Walk.

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