Move on Out

Arizona State has been great for you. You met some new lifelong friends, learned a ton and had so much fun (Well at least I hope so)! But as the second semester is coming to an end, looking around your dorm at all of the stuff you managed to accumulate may stress you out even more than exams. Where are you going to put it all once you get it home? And more importantly, how are you going to get it there? Well here are a few helpful hints to help you out.

1.     Clean and Organize

Under your bed, behind your desk and any other small crevice you may have taken to shoving unwanted items are good places to start. Clean your whole room and organize the things you still need.

2.     Pick and Choose

Not EVERYTHING you brought with you is still useful at this point. That long-sleeve shirt you’ve been hanging onto in case you want to wear it one more time? Those tall, black combat boots you love so much? Arizona spring is summer everywhere else, so it’s time to set those winter and fall items aside. Choose a few key items of clothing and decorations you still need and want (I mean you don’t have to take down your ASU flag, but maybe some of the trinkets on your desk could head home).

3.     Pack and Send

Once you have made some tough decisions, you’ll have a whole stack of things ready to go back home. If you’re an Arizona resident like myself, that might just mean packing a few boxes and a suitcase or two to bring with you on your next visit home. However, for out of state students, or even Arizona residents who don’t visit home often, start packing up your things in boxes and send them home.

4.     Breathe and Relax

Doing all of this packing and cleaning may seem like a big stressful job that you can just procrastinate until the end of the semester. Don’t. If you start doing it now, packing a box every other day, weeding winter clothes from your drawers when you’re getting ready in the morning, the process is going to be that much easier once exams come and you feel like there isn’t enough of you to go around. And once you’re all finished, you can sit down and relax, knowing that you’re prepared for summer and all the fun it’s about to bring!