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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at ASU chapter.

Just. tampons and pads are a great new company that is slowly growing it’s consumer base. With their cotton core tampons, they are better at absorbing that the alternative tampon. It’s safe for your private area with no dyes, fragrances or chlorine bleaching that could possibly irritate your downtown or throw off your Ph balances.

Same goes for their pads with never adding any dyes, fragrances, bleaching and of course, all cotton as well, with wings, what more could you ask for when that time of the month rolls around again?

Just. was crafted to simply the most complicated time of each month.

From pain, mood swings, and any or all other symptoms you experience, having a reliable and simple product that you can trust makes one aspect of taking care of yourself during your period that much easier. Here are three reasons you should start using just. now!

Made here in the U.S. & Canada

All of Just. cotton is US-grown from Barnhardt Manufacturing Company, a private family-owned business. With tampons made in the US and pads from Canada, you can feel good about getting quality material. 

Mental Health Awareness

Another great quality of Just. is that their mission is to help fight for mental health awareness. Partnering up with Active Minds, they are working to remove the stigma or shame that keeps teens from learning and talking about it and ultimately, getting the help they made need. They do on-campus events to help getting the conversations about mental health going and give out some of their just. products. 

No Dyes, No Fragrances, No Bleaching

With no dyes, fragrances or bleaching and the full cotton tampon or pad, you can feel covered during the most stressful week of each month, because we all have better things to do than worry about blood.

Overall, Just. is a great switch to make if you are wanting to simplify your time of the month at a reasonable price, without sacrificing your safety down there. Making the switch to a fully cotton tampon helped me with how much it absorbs, even when I am on my heaviest days.

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