Interview with Maddie From HC Gonzaga

I had the opportunity to ask Maddie Potter, who is going to become the editor for the Gonzaga University HC Chapter, her favorites and some secrets not everybody may know. 

1. Name, Major/Minor, Hometown, Position on Exec Board?

Maddie Potter – Double Major in Communication Studies, English (concentration in writing) and then I am minoring in Public Relations. I am from Gig Harbor, WA. The current editor is going to be traveling abroad next semester so I am going to be the editor as of Fall 2018.

2. Favorite band or singer? 

Taylor Swift

3. Favorite hang out spot on campus?

John. J Hemmingson Center. That is the student center here at GU. It has a Starbucks and other food options with a lot of space to work on homework and hang out with your friends. 

4. Favorite dessert? 

Chocolate Cake

5. Favorite thing you've read or wrote about on Her Campus Gonzaga? 

My favorite thing that I wrote about was GEL weekend. GEL weekend is the weekend where accepted seniors come and stay the night at the school and get to experience Gonzaga for themselves. I liked writing about this because I went to GEL when I was a senior in high school and it was one of the main reasons on why I chose to come to school here.

6. Tell us one secret about Her Campus Gonzaga that nobody else would know! 

For social media, we use photos that we have had from over the years. It is not always current photos.

7. Favorite childhood TV show? 


8. How are you active on campus? 

I am an Ambassador here at GU. So that means I give tours every other week to people who want to come check out the school.