How To Make a Summer Goals List

Summer is what you make of it and it can be a time of self-reflection and self-growth. It’s easy to let the minutes go by, relax, and unwind but it’s also really satisfying to make goals and reach them.

Think of it as a summer bucket list.

Step 1) Determine how much free time you have this summer.

Some questions to ask yourself when determining this is:

  • Do you have any commitments? (work, an internship, family vacations, etc.)

  • Do you want to focus on health and wellness or a workout regime?

  • Do you want to wake up early or wake up later every day?

  • Do you have family responsibilities?

Step 2)  Ask yourself what are the things that you didn’t have time to do during this past semester that you’d like to do this summer.

  • Did you want to build in a morning or night routine?

  • Are there certain clothes that you’d love to try out this summer without any pressure?

  • Would you like to adopt a pet? Or have the time to take care of one?

  • Do you want to go apartment/house hunting or car shopping?

  • Is there an out-of-state internship that you’re dying to do?

Step 3) Figure out what you are passionate about.

It’s not always easy to find what you’re passionate about but if you do find it your life is that much happier, exiting, and joyful.

Find something that you are passionate about. If you are having trouble finding something you’re passionate try doing something new, taking on a new hobby, or do an activity you’ve never done before.


  • What are you passionate about?

    • Is it a cause?

    • Is it an activity?

  • Is your passion a hobby?

    • Making art

    • Singing

    • Dancing

    • Playing video games

    • Writing

    • Posting to social media


Whatever it is that your passionate about, find it and pursue it.

If you like creating art maybe this summer create a website with a portfolio of your work, or do pop-up art shops in your local area, or create youtube videos with art tutorials?


If your passionate about a specific cause or support what an organization does, find out ways you can help. Do good. Volunteer at soup kitchens or animal shelters. There’s always a way you can lend a hand in your local community if you choose to.



Step 4)  Pinpoint what type of summer would you like to experience.


Summer can take many forms and what you choose to do with your time often leads to the overall experience you’ll take from it.


So what summer experience are you looking for?

  • Self-care (summer or me)

  • Productive

  • Relaxing

  • Fun

  • Romantic

  • A money moves making summer

  • Or something new and different



Step 5) Reflect on your past is there somewhere you’ve always wanted to go?


If so and there is a place you’ve wanted to go and the time feels right then ask yourself ...

  • Did you save up money?

  • Is it local, across the country, or international?

  • Would you like to go alone, with friends or with a significant other?

  • Would you like to study abroad?


Step 6 ) What would you like to get out of this summer?


Is there a specific result you’d like to attain?

  • Lose weight

  • Be more spontaneous

Are there memories you’d like to make?

Are there friends and family that you’d like to spend more time with?


Hopefully, these steps can help make your summer goals list. But if you need a little inspiration I’ve provided my personal list below:


  • See my little sister graduate high school

  • Hang out with my friends back home

  • Do well in my summer internship

  • Prepare for next fall

  • Create original art

  • Build a website for my art

  • Buy a microphone

  • Create a youtube channel

  • Do art time lapses/tutorials

  • Publish art time lapses/tutorials?

  • Sing song covers

  • Publish song covers?

  • Start a workout routine

  • Learn how to create an animated GIF

  • Shop for my first house/apartment?

  • Shop for my first car?

  • Make a list of things to buy for my first house/apartment?

  • Write articles

  • Relax


Best of luck to you when creating your list of summer goals this summer. If you’d like to share your Summer goals then tweet us @HerCampusASU, Or tweet the writer @AngelM_Jimenez if you’d like.