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How to Get Over Your Ex.

By Niamey Thomas

There is not an actual remedy for getting over an ex. Everyone has their own way of getting over the hill and moving on to the next one. But sometimes it isn’t easy to get over someone. Especially when you two were making plans for a future together. So here are a few tips I suggest you try that may help getting over an old broken relationship.

1.      Know the relationship is really over. Sometimes you are hopping that he’ll miss you and the relationship will fix itself, but this is probably not the case. The moment you break up the relationship you once had is over; even if you do get back together, it will never be exactly how it was the first time, which could be good or bad. Take a step back and focus on yourself and understand that if it’s meant to be, it will be.

2.      Distance yourself. You cannot get over anyone if you see them everywhere, whether it’s stalking him on social media or hanging out at his crib all day. You have to take the pictures down and stop looking at the love letters. Take some time to relax and be with your thoughts without him passing through them. Think about yourself and what you can do next with your life.

3.      Know how much you’re worth. If a guy has to question himself about how he feels about you then he must really not fully and unconditionally love you. Men love more than women because they guard their hearts more. If a man falls for you he’s fallen and there’s no going back. So if a guy breaks up with you, his loss. You have to remember how important and worthy you are and that one day some guys will be lucky enough to get your attention.

4.      This is a great time for you to find yourself. Take a dance class, art class, or travel. You need to see life as a strong independent woman and not as someone’s, but specifically his, girlfriend. Find something. Get involved with things going on around you. Hang out with family and friends. Try new foods, learn a new language, or craft. Learn tasks you would normally rely on him for, like being handy and fixing things related tot eh car, like a flat tire or changing the oil. This time is for you so find what you like to do other than make out with your ex on his mom’s couch.

5.      Don’t feel sorry for yourself. Be happy! It might be a hard time, but find something that truly makes you happy and do that. Don’t ignore the situation and your feelings, and if you need to cry, cry. Our eyes need to be clear in order for us to see where we are in our lives and to see what the future has in store for us. Just remember there is a difference between feeling a moment of weakness and being weak. Empower yourself by exploring who you are on your own. The most important part of any break up or separation is to find yourself.

Try these five tips and hopefully you’ll be over him in no time! Even though it may seem impossible to do right now, remember to focus on yourself and it will eventually get easier. And don’t forget – we go to ASU, where the campus is dripping with hot guys! Don’t let one guy keep you from letting someone even better love you, and definitely don’t let it prevent you from loving yourself!

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Hey all! My name is Niamey Thomas I am A junior at ASU studying Communication, dance, and Brazilian studies! I love blogging and sharing ideas, I would like to become a Motivational speaker and own a Arts studio. I have my own company LifeOfAYoungRealistic http://niameythomas.wix.com/youngrealistic Feel free to follow me on twitter https://twitter.com/NNIIAMEY pintrest http://pinterest.com/nniiamey/ tumblr http://nniamey.tumblr.com/
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