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How To Empower Yourself: An Introvert’s Point of View

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at ASU chapter.

Understanding your worth can be tough, but throwing on a cute outfit, complimenting three random people each day, and eating food that sounds good and nourishes your body can all be first steps in your journey to self-empowerment.

Not everyday is going to be positive, but please keep reminding yourself that it’s okay to feel this way every once in a  while. When you’re not feeling positive, just tell yourself the off-day will  be a one-time deal, and work toward making the rest of your week better. It’s okay to have off-days, but it’s not okay to wallow and wait for things to get better. You–yes you–are empowered to entitle yourself to a good day. There is no crime against that!

I’m hoping that I just empowered you a little more  by reminding you that you are entitled to a good day. Alas, here are a few things that I do to empower myself that also empower the people around me. After all, empowered women empower women, right?

Putting on a cute outfit and reminding myself why I like it

Sometimes I do lack some self-confidence. In the midst of a global pandemic, everyone’s staple wardrobe seems to be leggings, a baggy oversized t-shirt, and fuzzy socks of their choice. While those are a good choice for a lazy afternoon, it’s always nice to dress up when going to the store, on your neighborhood walks, or even when picking up some coffee. I promise that it will make getting out of the house a little more worthwhile (and it won’t make you feel like you have to return to the couch once you arrive home). 

Complimenting at least ten people a day. Doesn’t matter your relationship to them. 

After working in retail for many years, my boss challenged me one day to compliment three people within the hour for a chance to win a gift card of my choice. I completely forgot the gift card aspect and went ahead complimenting ten people, not realizing it had been only fifteen minutes. Seeing their smiles is definitely something I will never forget because I realized that I may have changed their day completely. I had no clue who these people were, their background, or whether or not they wanted to talk to a teenager that day, but I fulfilled my destiny and made their day. It not only brought around new smiles, but it also sparked  new relationships with strangers! people.

Initiating conversations

Nothing is scarier than approaching someone and starting a conversation. It is literally a daily life skill that everyone eventually learns but can be so terrifying at first. After you finally muster up enough courage to say hello, take a deep breath and remind yourself how easy that was. I promise that you will feel better once you have one hard conversation out of the way for your day. 

Standing up to your boss/toxic friend/significant other. 

Knowing where you stand in the world amongst everyone can be challenging, especially when you are constantly aware of your surroundings and actions. When it comes to standing up for yourself, I understand the fear of confrontation to a T. As someone who is often pushed around by people, I know it can take a toll on your emotions. Ensuring you are heard and that the other person understands what they did was wrong can go a long way in developing your self-confidence. It also gives you a sense of pride when things do go your way and the other person apologizes. 

Walking to the beat of your own drum

Being your own person can be intimidating, yet so empowering. When it comes to being your own person and understanding your own importance in the world, empowering yourself can become extremely easy and important in everyday life. Reminding yourself that you are empowered to make your own decisions, cook your own food, get coffee/lunch/dinner with yourself, or even have your own self-care night without telling anyone, can be the standing factor in how you feel about the rest of your day. Standing tall and doing something for yourself can be eye-opening and teaches you a very important lesson in independence. While going out with friends can be something we all look forward to and enjoy, understanding the value in relying on and doing things for yourself can be a great lesson for any independence seeking girl to learn. 

Empowering yourself can be tough. You may fear that in doing so, you are building up a huge ego that could get in the way of your relationships. But rest assured, being confident in yourself can only make navigating the world much easier. Empowered women empower women and you have the ability and resources to begin a revolution starting with your self-empowerment.

JP (they/them/theirs) is a graduate student at DePaul who enjoys reading books, playing guitar, and telling bad jokes. When they're not behind a book or getting a tan from their computer screen, catch them planning their next tattoo. Check their 'gram: @hanson.jp