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HourGlass Swimwear: A Swimwear Brand by an ASU Alum

This Arizona State University graduate turned a common inconvenience into an inclusive swimwear brand.

Demitria George, a 22 year old from Minnesota, decided to start Hourglass Swimwear because the fashion industry makes it hard for the average woman to find the perfect size swimsuit. One of the main problems that George saw is that the sizing in the majority of brands is based on symmetrical body types – like hourglass figures – when in reality, everybody is different.

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Society expects all women to be thin, proportional and symmetrical, which affects how clothing is made. That’s why George wanted to create a brand that represents all women and makes them feel as though they have an hourglass figure fit regardless of their body shape or size.

Not only is Demitria changing the swimwear industry one suit at a time, but she is also trying to change the sizing game as a whole.

She came up with her Perfect Size Method, where items like one pieces, dresses, etc. are made based on the consumer’s body shape, whether it be an apple, pear, hourglass, or something in between. She is not only using this method on her own brand’s products but hopes to license it for other brands, helping them make their clothing more inclusive and accessible for the everyday woman.


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George describes Hourglass’ products as, “revolutionary, movement proof, for all body shapes.” She talks about how the swimsuits are not only fashionable but also comfortable and functional, calling the vibe of the brand “Sexy Modest.”

She also wants women to have an amazing product that they don’t want to – or have to – return because federal regulations that prohibit it. This line is a way to “take back our purchasing power,” according to George, by giving consumers a product that reflects a diverse group instead of only a fraction.

Hourglass Swimwear’s products are set to launch within the year, so keep an eye out.

For more information on Hourglass, head to their website or their social media links below:

Instagram || Facebook || Website

Daria is an Arizona State University graduate with a degree in Journalism & Mass Communication from the Walter Cronkite School. She was the Chapter Leader of Her Campus at ASU from fall 2018 to spring 2021 and is excited to start the next chapter of her life.
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