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An Honest Review Of Vance Joy Live

An Australian indie pop and folk singer with thick curly brown hair? Can you guess?

I had the opportunity to attend Vance Joy with ASU’s Senior Editor, Kaela Busse, at the Comerica Theater in downtown Phoenix on April 21.

We picked up our tickets and press passes at the box office and made our way over to the VIP entrance. Of course, we could not go inside without taking a few pictures on the small, but still mighty, red carpet.

Kaela and I were filled with excitement as we handed our tickets over and were told to wait for somebody from the tour to come down and get us. It turns out, there was a slight confusion between the venue and Joy’s team about what Her Campus ASU was doing there. So Beef, one of the staff members working at the Comerica Theater who came to get us, showed us to our seats and mentioned that after the show we could meet up with him to see if we could go backstage.

The show was absolutely fantastic. Vance Joy’s vocals live sound exactly like his album and he for sure knows how to get an audience up and singing. What I loved was that he included a mix of his songs off his new album, A Nation For Two, and some of his old famous ones like, “Mess Is Mine,” “Riptide,” and “Georgia.” We even had incredible seats near the front! Needless to say, Kaela and I totally bought tee-shirts to commemorate the awesomeness of the show.

After Vance Joy bowed and the audience went wild and started to file out of the theater, Kaela and I sauntered to the front to meet up with Beef.

Girls were freaking out and screaming that Joy and the security team at Comerica randomly handed out photo opportunities. We prayed that Beef would bring us good news to go and take a picture with Joy as well.

And boy, did Beef do so.

Kaela and I waited in line and silently freaked out as we tried to figure out what we were going to say to Vance Joy.

Finally, it was our turn, and we handed him our tickets to sign. He politely asked how to spell our names and Kaela told him we were journalists for Her Campus ASU. He thanked us for coming to his show and for writing reviews as he wrapped his arms around us. We smiled for the camera and then walked away squealing as we got outside of the theater.

We were in shock and asked ourselves, “Did that really just happen?”

Vance Joy is a definite must see live. Though he plays at smaller venues, he sells them out each time- and I know why: because he’s a downright beautiful singer.

You must buy tickets ASAP to see him and trust me, you won’t regret it.

Kathleen Leslie is a freshman at Arizona State University, studying political science and communications. She was born in August, (a typical Leo), in Chicago, Illinois but has since moved all over the world. Though, she considers Australia and Orange County, California, her home. Kathleen is a part of the 'I Am That Girl' club on ASU's campus and in addition, works as a communications aide for ASU. In her free time, she likes to shop, sail and hang out with friends, (hoping it always involves something with food). Kathleen Leslie is also the current campus correspondent for Her Campus ASU.
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