Garnier's Gift to Her Campus ASU!

As finals week comes to an end, Garnier was extremely generous to send Her Campus ASU an abundant of samples of their Volume Extended Shampoos and Conditioners! Wanting us to be the "mane attraction"  we will be giving YOU a sample too, so that gorgeous hair of yours will look extra flirty, fabulous and festive!

If you've never used Garnier's products before, you definitely should! They believe that everyone possesses her own natural beauty and everyone has the power to make that beauty shine through. For Garnier, the aim of beauty is happiness and feeling at ease with yourself and others. It's about taking care.

Garnier's Volume and Extendeed Shampoo and Conditioner instantly extend volume for all-day fullness! The ultra- light cleansing hair care formula, with natural fruit fibers, papaya and cucumber extracts, strengthens while it thickens hair. Volume is extended for long-lasting fullness and body.

Thanks again for the samples, Garnier! We will definitely be using our sample!