Freshman Year in Review

With the end of my first year of college approaching, I can’t help but remember all the memories I’ve made. It seems unreal that this year is over already and it’s time to move out of the dorm I started calling home. So, to procrastinate studying for finals, I decided to go through my photos from college and reminisce about one of the best years of my life.

  1. 1. August

    August was about moving in and meeting the roommates. This was both the most exciting and nerve wracking part of college because I had been talking to them for about a month but we had never officially met. It’s definitely an awkward experience when you walk into an empty room with strangers and unpack boxes full of your stuff and think “welp here’s where I’m gonna live for the next year.” But don’t worry jamming to Hamilton is a great bonding experience.  

  2. 2. September 

    September was a blur. To be honest, I couldn’t tell you what I did except get used to classes, not get lost walking around campus, and working. I did go to a hand full of football games and, not to brag, I feel like I’m the good luck charm. Just a quick flex.

  3. 3. October

    October was the busiest and most fun month. I traveled alone for the first time where I got stranded at Sky Harbor. Don’t worry I made it to D.C. on time (I know you were probably so concerned for my well being right there). I also went to my first haunted house where I realized my roommate is a complete badass and can protect me from all zombies and ghosts. I finished off this spooky month with Phoenix Fashion Week where I dressed up and made Tyra Banks proud. Kidding, I was in the audience.

  4. 4. November

    I’m so thankful for November because I reunited with my high school friends for a Friendsgiving. I also introduced my family to my college friends on Thanksgiving where I got to merge my “old” life with my “new” one.

  5. 5. December 

    DECEMBER. By far my favorite month. I’m a sucker for the twinkly lights, chunky sweaters, and stress that finals and holiday shopping brings. I finally got to reunite with my sisters for the month and we got back into our groove of arguing about who stole whose jacket. Classic.

  6. 6. January

    Welcome to January 2019. You all missed out and could have joined me watching the “Bandersnatch” Black Mirror episode where the therapist becomes some sort of ninja master. If you know you know. After watching the ball drop, I was serenaded by the calming music of Blue Planet and fell asleep dreaming of dolphins and hope.

  7. 7. February 

    Yes, yes, February is the month of love and Cupid but please refer to my previous article “A Letter to Cupid.” Cupid is stupid. At least for this month.

  8. 8. March

    March is where Cupid came out of left field and just smacked me in the face. While I personally didn’t fall in love, I witnessed my cousin getting married to the best woman ever and cried my eyes out. I also watched The Notebook for the first time which royally wrecked me. March is where I realized that I do, indeed, love love.

  9. 9. April

    April was where classes started ramping up a bit. I can feel the end coming closer and have started the trek through finals. I did take a little break and went on a road trip with one of my best friends to Slide Rock, Sedona. Full disclosure: the water was so cold I temporarily forgot how to swim. Just a tip for you road trippers. But this month has been dedicated to saying goodbyes and packing away freshman year.

College has been a blast and I would never trade in my first year. I’m going to miss accidentally rolling off a lofted bed onto my nightstand, walking around campus at 1am with a face mask on, and getting locked in elevators. Even though I have to wrap up this article to start studying for finals (RIP) so I can go back home, I’m really going to miss this year. But I can’t wait for what 2019-2020 has in store.