Five Essential Restaurants to Visit in Paris

Hello beautiful people! I just returned from a two week Europe/Carribbean vacation, and one of the places I stayed was none other than Paris, France! When most people think of Paris, the Eiffel Tower, Arc De Triomphe, and food may come to mind. There’s a special reason that all of these, especially the cuisine, are the staples of this romantic city. I compiled my 5 favorite restaurants during the trip in hopes of spreading the word on their many mouthwatering dishes.

  1. 1. Sorza

    This restaurant is in the heart of Île Saint-Louis, a beautiful island in the Seine River. Notre Dame is a few hundred feet away, and the tip of the Eiffel can be spotted in the distance. The vibe of this restaurant was extremely chic, and the food was to die for. It offers mainly Medditerrean dishes, but I ordered the Parmesan Risotto. It was a-m-a-z-ing. A must-try

  2. 2. Savannah Café

    This restaurant was probably my favorite of the trip. It is located in the “latin quarter” of the city, and the nightlife is very vibrant. What really made the restaurant spectacular was not the surroundings, but the food. It offers authentic Lebanese cuisine, and the hummus was probably the best I’ve ever had. If you’re going to try anywhere, this is the place to go.

  3. 3. La Table de Geneviève

    This restaurant offered true Parisian cuisine. Also being in Île Saint-Louis, you truly feel apart of the city. Here I ordered the Salmon dish, and I also tried escargot for the first time! Both were amazing, and I was extremely surprised by how much I liked the escargot. It didn’t taste anything like I expected, and I was tempted to eat more than one…

  4. 4. Amorino

    The best gelato ever. They mold the ice cream into roses on a cone, and pop a macaron on top. Enough said.

  5. 5. La Crepe En L’isle

    If you want to satisfy your crepe-cravings, then stop by this place! The Nutella crepes are mouthwatering, and taste like no other. It’s great for breakfast, and kitties always stop by the shop to sunbathe!

Paris is what everyone cracks it up to be, especially the food. If you have the opportunity to go, I recommend all of these places to get the full Parisian experience! Happy traveling!