Finneas O’Connell’s Recent Singles Are Beautiful, Breathtaking, And Refreshing

Chances are you know Finneas as, singer Billie Eilish’s brother who co-writes and co-produces all of her songs. Or you may know him as, Youtuber, Claudia Sulewski’s Boyfriend that appears in some of her vlogs and videos.

What you might not know is that Finneas has recently been releasing new solo singles to his Youtube channel “FINNEAS”.

Don’t get me wrong I love the music he’s produced and performed with Billie, but it’s fascinating to see him grow as his own artist because his lyrics and instrumentals are so beautifully written and refreshing.

I’d pinpoint Billie’s music into more of an alternative pop genre, whereas I would say Finneas’s music falls more into acoustic pop with just a hint of alternative pop.

Finneas is such a unique singer because his music isn’t like something you hear on the radio every day. Instead of aiming to be catchy it tells a story. He produces and writes all of his songs and sews his lyrics together so seamlessly, especially in his affectionate love songs like “Angel” and “Claudia.” These love ballads are breathtaking visually but quite adorable because you can almost feel how immensely in love he is with his girlfriend.

Fun Fact: according to a recent Buzzfeed video titled “FINNEAS Tells Us About His First Times” Finneas wrote the song Claudia “the day that I met Claudia.” That’s adorable since love, at first sight with couples is sometimes only seen in movies. With that we can conclude that Claudia serves as a muse and influence for a number of Finneas’s songs.

Finneas does a great job of portraying emotion into his singles like in “Break My Heart Again” where there is a lingering feeling of pain and hurt but also love. Not only that but the instrumental in “Break My Heart Again” is so beautiful and makes you feel the words he’s saying, especially with the hints of texting in the background. In all if not most of his music it feels like as if you are witnessing someone pouring out their heart and soul. It’s raw and it’s genuine.

Even his music videos can be described as pure simplicity. They all seem like one-take videos without additional cuts, filters, or fancy clothes. This brings such transparency and an authentic vibe that you rarely see with Pop songs. I kind of hope more singers in the future levitate towards this style of videography in their music videos.


Overall Finneas’s music if definitely worth the listen and here are five of his most popular songs that you should check out.


  1. 1. Let’s Fall in Love For The Night

    Has 3 million views on Youtube and 16.6 million streams on Spotify.

  2. 2. Break My Heart Again

    Has 3.5 million views on Youtube and 13.2 million streams on Spotify.

  3. 3. I Lost a Friend

    Has 1.7 million views on Youtube and  3.4 million streams on Spotify.

  4. 4. Claudia

    Has 1 million views on Youtube and 4.4 million streams on Spotify

  5. 5. Angel

    Has half a million views on Youtube and 1.1 million streams on Spotify.