Fall Guide to Netflix Must Sees

Fall can mean crazy weather or relatively the same weather depending on your location. As for my fellow Oregonians, staying warm and dry inside is the motive for the Fall season. Being inside can get old quick, as you can only take so many naps and play so many games with friends and family. It’s important to get back to the basics of being trapped inside by watching your favorite shows. Here’s a guide to the three best shows that empower women:

  1. 1. Jane The Virgin

    Gina Rodriguez is the best actress I have ever watched. The way she creates emotion and fully allows herself to encompass a character is astonishing. The final season has arrived and it’s a tear jerker.

  2. 2. When They See Us

    Not about the women in the docuseries, but the woman behind the making.. Follow up with Oprah’s talk show called, Oprah Winfrey: When They See Us Now, to learn more about Ava DuVernay’s creativity and mastery of the story.

  3. 3. Someone Great

    For more of the iconic Gina Rodriguez, you can turn to Someone Great. In this romance movie, she yet again allows us to feel what the character feels. A great portrayal of breakups and the need for our girlfriends.