Eight Movies to Look Forward To Summer 2019

During the semester, it can be difficult to squeeze in time to go to the nearest movie theater to see a film. It’s oftentimes more tempting to open up a laptop and watch something on Netflix while being cuddled up in blankets after a long day of classes, assignments, and work. The great thing about summer is that for most people they have less stress and more free time. So get your popcorn buckets ready, stash your candy, and clear your Friday night plans because these are the top eight movies to look forward to watching this summer with your friends, family, or significant other.

  1. 1. Toy Story 4  

    Release date: Friday, June 21

    This film is at the top of my list because it’s been highly anticipated around the world since the bittersweet open ending in “Toy Story 3.” At the end of “Toy Story 3”, Andy gives all of his favorite toys to a little girl named Bonnie and once he’s handed her all the toys, Andy plays with them one last time. I don’t know about you but I cried a little when Woody said “So long, partner” as Andy drove away to start college. It is too soon to tell though if “Toy Story 4” will be the last installment of the film series since the original “Toy Story” released  24 years ago in 1995. In the trailer, a new toy made by Bonnie named “Forkey” is introduced to the old gang. They then go on a family road trip and embark on an adventure to save the utensil and bring him back to Bonnie. Along the way, Woody’s old love interest Bo Peep makes a return after being missing in all of “Toy Story 3.” Bo Peep hasn’t been on the screen for 20 years and even from the looks of her new outfit in the new trailer, it’ll be interesting to see how much she’s changed and grown. Overall “Toy Story 4” is definitely worth watching because of the beautiful animations and visuals as well as beautiful storyline that all “Toy Story” films seem to have that make them so memorable and loved by Disney fans.


  2. 2. Lion King (live-action remake)

    Release date: Friday, July 19

    I can’t wait to watch this live-action remake of the original animated film “The Lion King” that dates back to 1994. I remember being a little girl and falling in love with the visuals, story, and soundtrack of the original film from songs like “Hakuna Matata”, to “Can You Feel the Love Tonight”, and “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King”. I still remember every word and live for it, you best believe I will be singing along in the theater on July 19. Also who wouldn’t want to rush to the theaters when Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino, is playing Simba and everyone’s true queen Beyonce is voicing Nala. I am already pumped to hear their vocals. Here’s a quick look at the cast list if you are interested.

    After watching the trailer nine times with hyper-realistic visuals of all the animals, I am excited to see how the live-action remake will compare to the classic. I am really interested to see if it’ll stay true to the storyline of the original or if it’ll add in new twists and new original scores.

  3. 3. Dark Phoenix

    Release date: Friday, June 7

    “Dark Phoenix” gives me “Avenger’s Endgame” vibes because of the lead Jean and how her powers make her almost unstoppable. In the trailer, we see the X-Men go on a rescue mission in space but Jean is left behind in a spacecraft and almost dies in an explosion. Instead of dying, Jean seems to absorb all of the energy similarly to how Carol Danvers did when she became “Captain Marvel.” So far from the looks of the trailer, it seems that Jean/Phoenix is struggling with her powers and keeping them in control. As she fights it she also fights the X-Men and she seems to overpower them just like Thanos did to the Avengers in “Infinity war.” Overall it’ll be interesting to see the dynamic of Jean vs. the X-Men on screen since she was one of them and they were her family. So far the film has been teased as the “the X-Men’s final battle will be their greatest” according to the recent trailer. Overall “Dark Phoenix” is essentially a do-over of the film “X-Men: The Last Stand.” Hopefully, the remake is truer to the comics and better than the 2006 version.

  4. 4. Late Night

    Release date: Friday, June 7

    As a Journalist, I am nerding out over this upcoming film because it dives into the dynamic of a newsroom and diversity issues while still being a lighthearted comedy starring Mindy Kaling and Emma Thompson. As a frequent watcher of lots of late night shows from Late Night with Seth Meyers, Late Night with Stephen Colbert, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, to Late Late with James Corden, and soon, A Little Late with Lilly Singh, am pumped that in this film females are the late night show hosts. I am excited to see how this comedy will play out but I’m sure I’ll get some laughs in with Mindy Kaling as the lead because as an Office fan, I thought she did really well in that series and was a funny side character. It’ll be nice to see her play the role of a lead in this film to see how she’s grown as an actress. Personally, I am stoked for this upcoming film.

  5. 5. Men in Black: International Shaft

    Release date: Friday, June 14

    First off, the trailer for this upcoming film is bomb. I love how the lead agents are a male and female instead of the typical male duo buddy cop scenario. I also love the chemistry of the leads Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth but naturally, it makes sense since they played in films together before like the Thor movies and “Avengers Endgame.” Overall, the visuals in this film look exciting and it’ll be entertaining to see how the agents defeat their threat “The Hive”, an alien species that can take the form of anyone.


  6. 6. Spider-Man: Far From Home

    Release date: Tuesday, July 2

    Set in a post-Avenger’s Endgame era, “Spider-Man: Far From Home” follows Peter Parker handling new threats in a world that has truly changed forever. And yes that means we have to accept that Peter’s mentor, Iron Man, is gone forever. Peter now has to deal with Iron Man’s death and fill into his shoes given that there’s no Black Widow, Iron Man, or Captain America around to help save the day. I’ll be interesting to see Peter’s character arc and how he’ll handle the grief and overcome it. It’ll also be interesting to see how the dynamic will change and if any of the other Avenger’s, other than Director Fury, will make an appearance.

  7. 7. Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw

    Release date: Friday, August 2

    This film is a spin-off with some of the side characters of the “Fast & Furious” movie franchise which comprises of eight films total to date. In “Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw” the two characters, Hobbs and Shaw, are played by Dwayne the Rock Johnson and Jason Statham. From the looks of this trailer, the film looks like it’ll be drama filled, action-packed, and a little comedic as well due to the Hobbs and Shaw dynamic. I just hope this movie isn’t a flop because although it does have Dwayne the Rock Johnson in it, it’s still not a true “Fast & Furious” film it’s just a spin-off with two of the characters from the franchise. Hopefully, this buddy cop of enemies partnering up will be fun to watch and not cliche like every other buddy cop.

  8. 8. Yesterday

    Release date: Friday, June 28

    First of all, this film has such an interesting concept. In the trailer, we see that the lead Jack is a struggling artist at first and one day wakes up and no one else remembers The Beatles. After playing a Beatles song and realizing that no one had any recollection of the band, he then makes a career on their songs and becomes famous. It is unclear at the end of the movie if the Beatles will show up or if everything will be reversed, but I am fascinated to see how the storyline will pull together and if Jack does their songs justice. It’ll be interesting to also see if they tweak the original songs. Jack is a solo singer and the Beatles were a British boy band comprised of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Star. Also, kudos to Jack for memorizing the lyrics and instrumentals for every Beatles song off the top of his head because that takes skill.