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Do’s and Don’ts of Working from Home

With recent changes causing many people to work remotely for the first time, it can be stressful to figure out how to get into the work groove in your own home. Here are some do’s and don’ts that can apply either to working from home or attending class virtually.

DO: Create a workspace

Make sure that you have a designated workspace in your home. It helps to create a mental boundary between work time and relaxation time. For example, if you’re living in a dorm, then your desk might mean work, and your bed means relaxation. If you’re in an apartment, then your bedroom might be for work, and the living room for relaxation. Your brain will get into the habit of work when you’re in that location.

DON’T: Use your phone for anything

We all know to not keep our phones near us when we’re working. But what if you need to use the timer or calculator function? No! Chances are, you’re using a computer for work with timer and calculator functions on your browser. Just utilize those so you won’t have any excuse to keep your phone near you.

DO: Go outside

If you get 15 minute breaks, take full advantage of that time by getting out of your work zone! Working from home means leaving the house, so take that bit of time to go for a quick walk around your apartment complex or another outdoor space. The sun and fresh air will definitely reenergize you. 

DON’T: Listen to music with lyrics

I’ve convinced myself many times that lyrical music is fine as long as it isn’t too loud, but then 15 minutes later I find myself still writing the same email. Just accept that you can’t listen to music with lyrics  from the start and find a good lo-fi or classical playlist so you aren’t sitting in silence!

DO: Keep snacks nearby

Work days can be long- it’s normal to get hungry! However, going out to the kitchen might mean distraction, especially if you live with roommates who might be out there and ready to start a conversation. Keep some quick snacks near your desk so you can nibble while responding to emails. 

Madeline is a junior studying English at Arizona State University. She was raised in California but now calls Arizona home. Some of her hobbies are reading, writing, and taking really long walks through parks with beautiful scenery.
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