DIY Iron-Transferred Bedding

I think of my dorm room as my space to get away from all the studio classes and lectures I have to sit through. But how could I possibly relax in boring white sheets? I can’t, that’s how. What’s a poor art student to do? Purchasing cute bedding is not an option, but making it is.

What you’ll need:

-       Iron on tranfer sheets

-       An iron

-       Bedding that you want to transform

-       A printer

-       A design that you want to print

I bought two packs of these transfer sheets that I found at Walmart. Any kind is fine, just make sure you read the instruction of what type of printer you should use, how you should iron the sheets, washing instructions, etc. This should all be found on the back.

Then find a design that you would want to print! I used a bunch of different cactus. You will want to make the designs fairly large. If you have a design with a colored background, keep in mind that you will have to cut right up to the edge of the shape, but if your background is transparent like mine was, you can cut around the design however you want.

IMPORTANT: If you are printing a design with words in it, which you can totally do, just be sure to inverse it before you print. That way when it’s transferred you can read it.

You’ll want to iron out whatever you’re transferring to. This just helps make sure there aren’t any wrinkles in the design, and wrinkly designs aren’t cute.

Then cut out your design and position it where you want it. Make sure you check the instructions on the package to see how to get the image to transfer correctly.

And “Voila!” Keep repeating this on your surface; I used a pillowcase so there really wasn’t a lot of room for a ton of designs. Some of them will look a little “woah what happened” but human error, am I right?

I ended up doing two pillowcases and my top sheet. I only use the pillows for accents, not to sleep on because the wear and tear of my deep sleeping could rub the design around a little. This is also why I didn’t do it for my fitted sheet, because I sleep on top of it, obviously. I hope you guys liked this DIY! I’ll probably do more of them; but you know, poor art student.