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As we get deeper into the Holiday season, you might see yourself going to many holiday parties. If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past few years, then you might have personally been invited to, or heard of, an ugly sweater party. Many people are excited to attend one of these parties but there are some who stress out because they do not know where to find a ugly holiday sweater. If you fall into that group, we’ve got some options for you!

Christmas Tree Sweater

This sweater is sure to make you the center of attention at any ugly sweater party. If you can handle using a hot glue gun, then this sweater is super easy to make! Gather up some tinsel tree garland, small Christmas ornaments, a green sweater, hot glue gun and a star ornament. 

  1. Hot glue the three strands of tinsel garland on the sweater. Do one strand around each sleeve and one around the chest and torso.
  2. Hot glue the small ornaments on to the sweater and wait for the glue to dry.
  3. Wear the star ornament as a bracelet 
  4. Put your arms up and together to form a point like a Christmas tree.

Reindeer Sweater

This sweater will definetly get a lot of laughs at any party you go to! There’s actually a couple of ways you can go about making it too!

One way is cutting up a stuffed reindeer and hot gluing its head to the front of sweater and its backside on the back of the sweater. 

The other way is buying brown, black, white, and red felt and cutting the shapes to make the reindeer face!


Abominable Snowman Sweater

You could totally put your favorite Christmas movie character on a sweater, add some decorations and your ready to go!

Using felt, you can trace and cut out the shapes needed to make the character to put on your sweater. Then glue them on and add whatever decorations to make the sweater look tacky and wonderful.

And if all else fails…

Just hot glue some random Christmas decorations onto a sweater and hope it works!


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