Bikes Make Way Downtown


Move over Downtown Phoenix, bicycle-bound students are on their way – for free!

The Sun Devil Fitness Complex at the Downtown Phoenix campus hopes to be the third facility to have its own Bike Co-op, following in the footsteps of Tempe and Polytechnic.

The Bike Co-Op is one of the many services provided at the two locations.  The program allows students to rent a bike from the facility free of charge. For those who have their own bike, perks include bicycle tune-ups, flat tire repair, maintenance tips, and plenty more.

If Downtown Phoenix decides to go through with the program, Sun Devil Fitness will hire students to maintenance the bikes.

However, SDFC is still working out some kinks and the Bike Co-op is still in the planning stages. Plan implementation is dependent on student interest. Director of Sun Devil Fitness Downtown Phoenix Chad Ellsworth reported some of the issues that need to be worked out before the Bike Co-Op goes into effect.

He explained that SDFC wants to make sure that if the money is spent on bicycles, students will use them. Advertising is a big concern, so the company wants to make sure that students know about the program.

ASU student Adam Stites adds to the conversation by saying that he thinks bike rentals would be a good idea. He said that he was already planning on purchasing a bicycle, but may reconsider if he can rent one from the school. Stites also added that by renting a bike, he would be able to explore the city and not be restricted to places within walking distance of the light-rail.

Student need is the driving factor for the Bike Co-op. Students will be able to take the bicycles to any campus as long as bikes are returned before 5 p.m. “As we receive feedback from students, we will modify our hours to meet the needs of our Downtown Phoenix students,” said Ellsworth.

The bicycles would go above and beyond transportation purposes. The benefit of biking is that it is both recreational and healthy. It is also a way to bring the ASU community together. Check out Polytechnic’s Bike Co-op Facebook page to see all of the biking events they have hosted.

The Sun Devil Fitness Complex wants your input. Keep an eye out for fliers and promotional tables – or check them out at the Organization Fair! If enough students show interest, the Bike Co-op will be Downtown by spring break.