Be Who That Little Girl Wanted You to Be

As a little girl I always dreamed of being President. Through the duration of my childhood that dream started to dwindle. I realized that everyone who assumed the Oval Office didn’t look like me. There were no women who had sat behind that chair with the placard, “President of the United States” sitting before her. Upon realizing this, I started to compress my dream. I began to shift my goals and aim instead for Capital Hill.

Image result for white houseI thought, “If I can’t be President, then maybe I can be second best”. As I continued to age, I began to see the statistics of this occupation. Women have far less presence in this field and due to this, I began to get discouraged again. If the exceedingly more intelligent, strong, and assertive women before me couldn’t gain these positions, then how could I expect to make it? This dream was becoming smaller and smaller, and to this day, my goals are not aimed as high as they once were.

Realizing that your dreams are unattainable, sheerly based upon your gender , can seem like the ultimate impasse. Women have faced this issue time and time again. The imbedded obstacles within society are directly attached to you being a female; and that, in and of itself is a tough pill to swallow. These obstacles are only more amplified when it comes to race and sexual orientation. So how are we supposed to oppose these hindrances? My advice is simple: speak up.

Image result for the future is femaleComing to terms with this fact is the only way to gain power over it. I’ve chosen to acknowledge the added challenges of being a woman, and instead of being discouraged by it, I make everyone around me aware of it. The only way to begin to solve these issues is to start with education. Women need to know that they will face these barriers; not only their occupations, but their day-to-day lives as well. Women can’t unexpectedly face these challenges, and be blindsided by reality. Men need to know that this inequality is present, even in 2019. They have the power to make a change, and balance this uneven playing field. To be informed is to be empowered. If you’re a woman don’t let your dreams be hindered by this realization, but instead face it head on. Go run for office, and keep in mind that your gender will only make it harder. But who said we’re scared of hard work?