Andrea, Always Going Above and Beyond

She helps younger students, volunteers, stays on top of her health and lives life to the fullest; junior at Arizona State University, Andrea Collica is the ultimate Sun Devil.

She’s motivated, she’s beautiful from the inside out, and she’s always going out of her way to help others. Superwoman? Not quite, but close enough.

Andrea is currently seeking a major in Communications, along with a minor in Exercise and Wellness. She has been able to juggle school, work as a community assistant at Taylor Place, maintain a healthy relationship with her boyfriend and be a part of numerous extra curricular activities.

Andrea enjoys giving high school students tours through the Devils Advocate program because it is rewarding and exciting.

"My tour can be the reason a student decides to come here or not."

Andrea is also involved in SPARKS, another program that allows her to help guide high school students. Through SPARKS, Andrea speaks with soon-to-be-college students about ASU and helps advises them on how to be successful in college.

Andrea also promotes being active through her involvement with the Exercise and Wellness Organization at ASU. Whether she is helping students become more aware of opportunities to stay active, or helping plan panels and various activities, she is constantly trying to share her healthy lifestyle with others.

This is also her third year she has participating with the Sun Devil Fitness organization. She is the coordinator for the downtown intramural sports and recently put together the entire staff.

Besides maintaining a 3.8 GPA, she is also a community assistant at Taylor Place dorms on the downtown campus. She is in charge of two floors and is a resource for the students.

"One day I am a counselor and the next day I am a trainer," she said with a smile.

It is important to Andrea that the students are aware of events coming up and she tries to get the students as involved as possible.

When she was asked how she possibly finds the time and energy to juggle everything, she answered,"Even though people say they don't have time, it’s an excuse. You can always make time."  

Andrea has always been involved with her schools and enjoys helping others, along with being active in her community. To this optimistic and determined woman, the key to life is being humble and having patience.

“When your patient, good things will come to you,” she said.

Andrea says she has enjoyed every aspect of being an ASU student.

"Being apart of the Sun Devil family and meeting all kinds of people" is her favorite part of attending this college.

Andrea enjoys being a good influence for others and makes the best out of every day. She is a very positive person, in fact, you cannot find a status on her Facebook that is not either motivational, inspirational, or simply happy.