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After 3 years, Emma Chamberlain and Role Model have confirmed their relationship

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at ASU chapter.

Fans have been speculating for years that famous Youtuber Emma Chamberlain is in a relationship with the musical artist Role Model (whose real name is Tucker Pillsbury). However, the couple has kept their official status ambiguous, commenting sparingly on each other’s posts and cutting out faces in photographs. 

Years later, it’s finally official, and in typical icon fashion, Chamberlain made the announcement on the Valentine’s Day cover of GQ. 

The dating rumors first began in September 2020, after the pair was caught on film by paparazzi at a restaurant in L.A. Emma Chamberlain, however, is known for having a removed social media presence, despite being an ‘influencer’ in the mind of the public. 

In recent years, Chamberlain took a break from posting to Youtube for her mental health, a decision many viewers respected. She has since made a comeback, but no longer adheres to the strict video-posting schedule she once had. Now, Chamberlain posts videos of her vacations abroad every few months. 

Similarly, Role Model only posts to Instagram occasionally in order to promote upcoming music, but never publicly addressed the relationship between him and Chamberlain. 

The biggest relationship reveal the public has ever gotten happened on March 24th, 2022, when Role Model released the song “neverletyougo.” The subsequent music video featured a woman in a black puffer jacket who (despite never revealing her face) closely resembles Chamberlain from behind, sparking excitement in fans. 

Now, almost three years later, we have official confirmation from the pair and an interview through GQ, revealing more intimate details of their relationship. As to why they decided to confirm it after all this time, Chamberlain had some thoughts. 

“I always said this is something I will never do,” Chamberlain said during her interview with GQ, referring to the ‘hard-launch’. “There’s parts of our relationship that are going to be private forever, and those things we keep sacred. But I don’t think we need to be secret anymore. It’s just like, I’m over that.” 

Fans observed the couple’s intimate connection in their official GQ couple’s quiz video, where, among other questions, Pillsbury gave a detailed account of Chamberlain’s tattoos and their importance, and Chamberlain named Role Model songs she knows are about her. They joked about Chamberlain’s old addiction to the video game Fortnite and Timothee Chalamet. 

The chemistry between them was palpable. Many fans expressed their joy for Chamberlain, saying that the pair seem like best friends above all else. 
Since the interview with GQ, Role Model released his newest song, “a little more time,” and a music video shot by Chamberlain herself. In a similar fashion, Chamberlain posted her regularly scheduled podcast episode, but this time mentioned her own relationship and its intricacies while discussing the weekly topic. It seems like fans can look forward to the combined artistic prowess of this couple moving forward.

Mia Milinovich is a junior at Barrett, the Honors College, studying English (Literature) and Journalism & Mass Communications. She enjoys writing, reading, listening to garage rock, and going to random, last-minute concerts.